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“Do I need a wedding planner?”


I’m sure it’s crossed your mind if you don’t have a wedding planner already. Maybe you’ve even Googled it too (I know I did)…

10 Signs You Might Need A Wedding Planner via

It was definitely a thought I had when I started planning my wedding, but I didn’t actually see it until someone else pointed out all of the reasons. (Because we all want to plan our own wedding, right?)

And I’m pretty sure not many of you start out on your wedding planning journey immediately knowing whether or not you need a wedding planner (unless you’re my best friend and you’ve heard me talking about all of this for 10 years). So, how exactly do you know? It’s why I’ve put together a few signs that you might need a wedding planner…


1. You work a full time job- so does your fiancé.

(And you don’t have any family to help- or they all work full time too!)


2. You don’t have time to research, read blogs, look for inspiration, and email all day every day.


3. You’re planning a wedding at a location that you nor any of your willing-to-help family members live.


4. You’re relying on another vendor to handle your wedding day- one who is NOT a wedding planner working for YOU.


5. Your future spouse is getting mad at you for not spending enough time with them and spending too much time looking at/obsessing over wedding stuff (okay, you might still do this even when you have a wedding planner, but it’s a legit reason).


6. You’ve booked your venue and date, but it’s been a few months since… and you haven’t done anything else beyond that.


7. You have no clue what you should budget for things.


8. You’ve developed ulcers (or headaches, insomnia, etc) from the stress associated with wedding planning.


9. Family tensions are starting to develop because of the wedding.


10. Panic sets in when you start thinking about your wedding day.


Of course there are many, many more reasons, but these are most that I see and some of what I experienced myself too.


And guess what? You don’t have to be having an expensive, giant wedding to have a wedding planner- there is a planner out there for everyone.

Because I don’t care who you are, where your wedding is, or what your budget is-  you DESERVE to not be stressed about your wedding. You DESERVE to have fun planning your wedding. You DESERVE to enjoy your wedding day, and the days leading up to it! You DESERVE a wedding planner my friend!

So, if you’ve decided to get a wedding planner, what was your tipping point to help you make the decision?

And if there are any planners reading, feel free to comment with other “signs” that you’ve seen from your couples! :)


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10 Signs You Might Need A Wedding Planner via

A version of this post was originally published in August 2011.
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10 Signs You Might Need A Wedding Planner via


Founder & Editor at Every Last Detail
Lauren Grove is the editor and owner of Every Last Detail. A clueless bride-turned-wedding planner, Lauren uses her experiences and knowledge to educate and inspire brides all over the world.

26 responses to 10 Signs You Might Need A Wedding Planner

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  1. Charlene @ Sweetchic

    Great tips, I think these apply to so many brides out there, but they just don’t realize that this is why wedding planners exist!

  2. Tiffany @ Avant Images

    Exactly! I try to stress to each and every one of my brides why a wedding planner will save their sanity. Perfect, straight to the point post.

  3. Brit @ landlocked Bride

    Charlene is so right. I also think some brides want to think they can do it all. And, they can, but sometimes having a reliable hand is always a great plus!

  4. Zoe

    Great article! We re-blogged. ;)

  5. Sandra Downie @ The White Library

    Brides often contact me for planning when they realize they may need help with bringing their vision to life, this is a a great post as it reminds brides they just may need some help :-)

  6. Sandra Downie @ The White Library

    Brides often contact me for planning when they realize they may need help with bringing their vision to life, this is a a great post as it reminds brides they just may need some help :-)

  7. Lucky Teacup

    So happy to have you to as my Team Lead! I told my fiance that I don’t want to stress in these final weeks…and he wants a happy bride. It works out for all parties, yay :)

  8. ilse

    so true, great reminder for brides that just don´t think a wedding planner is necessary. thank you!!!

  9. Kismet

    number 8 & 9 are pretty much the only ones applicable for me. can you tell me how to calm the family down!!!!!!

  10. Meg

    Relying on another vendor rings very true to me .. i spent so many hours emailing brides about timelines and locations and rides to venues and who is going in what car and what time they should leave and … it goes on and on. It puts a lot of stress on my actual job- focusing on and taking beautiful photographs! It takes a village to plan and execute a beautiful and seamless wedding :)

  11. Wrapped Couture

    This is a great post and I wrote an article about it myself. Like you pointed out, a bride needs to be happy and stress free on her wedding day and is not able to be in more than on place at a time. A wedding planner typically has a team of people to help put out fires and get things done on wedding day and leading up to it. When a bride comes to me and tells me she’s planning the wedding herself, I always advise her to “make sure she’s the BRIDE on her wedding day” and have some help, even if she doesn’t hire me as her planner. Brides have to see a professional planner as an investment rather than an expense into their wedding day.

  12. Michelle Ortiz

    I had a wedding planner because I wanted to enjoy my wedding day, and the day before…and I wanted all my family to as well. If you don’t have a planner, there has to be someone there to make sure the vendors are there, that you are getting what you wanted and that everything is set up correctly and on-time. If it’s not you (the bride), it’s someone in your family or a close friend, meaning they will not be able to relax and enjoy the day as much as they would have. A planner, if for nothing else (although I agree with all of the reasons in the list on this post)…is there to make sure that your rehearsal and wedding are enjoyed by both you and all of your friends and family. They are there to take care of the little things that need to be taken care of, to make sure no one knows if anything goes wrong and to help out when something unexpected happens…and so that there is one calm voice among a sea of excited and stressed out ones.

  13. Sarah Addison (Details by Sarah Elizabeth)

    Great post lauren! As usual, I couldn’t agree more! Yesterday I met with a bride and we were discussing how most folks believe having a planner is a luxury and is going to cost a fortune. Yes, it’s a luxury– but something that you should utilize and NO it doesn’t cost a fortune.

  14. Jennifer Rae

    I just barely got married, and i think it would have been such a blast to have had a wedding planner! I did most of it myself, but i did have a great deal of help from my husband and my mother-in-law. i couldn’t have done it without them! If i wouldn’t have had them, then i wouldn’t have been able to get everything done, I’m sure! So, definitely, if you don’t have anyone who is super helpful (and willingly helpful) and who doesn’t just hinder the process with drama, then i would highly recommend a wedding planner. you absolutely cannot do it by yourself! :)

  15. Kristin @ Reverie Events (a Vendor)

    Great tips! And all are very real situations amongst planning couples. Planning the wedding is never worth sacrificing the joy of the engagement.

  16. Ariana - Hey Wedding Lady (a Vendor)

    Yes to all of these! I have worked with so many organized and detail oriented couples and no matter how savvy they are in their daily lives, the completely alien field of planning a wedding can get the best of them! A planner is by far the best way to actually be able to enjoy the planning process and the big day!

  17. Laura (a Vendor)

    Hear, hear! Love this article- and I love that I get to help brides manage all of the above!

  18. Christine March (a Vendor)

    The #1 reason my couples choose to work with me is because they want to relax & enjoy their day. As simple as that.

  19. Megan Clark (a Vendor)

    As a wedding planner, I try to stress to my potential clients that in the long run we save a lot more than just sanity! Our connections to other vendors allows us to help negotiate contracts to fit in your budget-if not money then at least expanding the range of services you get for the same price- and saves you time in searching for the right vendors. There’s a lot of details that go on behind the scenes that most people have no clue about, and trusting a family member to remember and coordinate all of those details can often lead to very high stress situations; which is obviously the last thing you want on your wedding day! Hiring a professional early enough in the process will make everything run much smoother, helps you connect with your fiance positively, and in the end the money they save you might pay for most of their services!

  20. Rebecca Grant (a Vendor)

    Great tips Lauren! I also experience Brides using me as the mediator. You mentioned that emotions run high, well it’s nice to have both sides bounce ideas off of a professional. Also, of course, someone ends up doing the work- either another vendor who is supposed to be doing something else or a family member. Why not allow each of us to do our job and allow you, your friends and family enjoy the day? :)

  21. Wedding Planner in New York (just curious)

    I totally agree! Weddings are the most important day in bride and grooms life and this day everything needs to be perfect. Hence, i believe no one can manage things better other than wedding planner in New York as they take of all right from venue to budget.

  22. Jose Dihiansan (just curious)

    Thank you for posting this! A must share to my friends who are recently engaged! i think this would help them to get their wedding properly organized and less hassle for the bride and groom!

  23. Jenny (a Bride)

    Thanks for this list! It’s so true; I have some friends (and myself!) who needed this when they were planning their weddings.

  24. Make Your Moment (a Vendor)

    Excellent tips! A wedding is incomplete without a wedding planner. These are the lovely snaps and even after years, these beautiful memories will remain the same. Thank you for the lovely post!

  25. Wedding Planner (a Bride)

    Perfect. Short and sweet. It really helps!

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