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How much do weddings cost? It’s a common question, and we have the answers using information obtained directly from wedding vendors.


First, a little note: I’ve had this data about what weddings cost ready for quite a few months now, and delayed sharing it in order to focus on information regarding COVID-19. I’m releasing it now because wedding vendors have been affected tremendously due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and now more than ever it’s so very important to hire professionals for your wedding. I’ve also been hearing about misunderstandings and misinformation regarding wedding pros’ costs, so I decided it was time to share. And plus, having this knowledge of what to expect wedding vendors to cost is one of the most helpful pieces of information you can have when planning your wedding! Let’s get started, shall we? 

We talk a lot about what weddings cost here at Every Last Detail. It’s something that not many like to talk about it, but it’s also VERY important information to know so you can plan a wedding properly. And it’s no secret that our main focus in all we do at ELD is to educate YOU, engaged couples, about weddings. Because we’ve said it before, but we’ll gladly say it again… you can’t be expected to know everything about weddings when you’ve never planned one before!  

Typically, whenever you look into what weddings cost, you’re given data that has been obtained directly from couples and what they spent for their weddings. This info only gives a glimpse of the overall average wedding cost, and includes figures from a wide range of weddings- from those have budgets of $500, all the way to figures like $5,000,000. It’s great to know, BUT it’s SUPER broad, and not necessarily a good reflection of what you can expect wedding vendors to cost

Now, that’s great information to have, but in my 10 years in the wedding industry, I’ve noticed that there tends to be a little bit of a disconnect between what wedding vendors are actually charging, and what couples are expecting (or told to expect) to spend.

So, a few years ago, I started conducting surveys asking WEDDING VENDORS what their couples are typically spending with them. Because I’m all about information and using it to establish realistic expectations… and what better people to hear from than those who are providing the products and services for your wedding?!

Today I’m so excited to be sharing the latest data about what a wedding costs when you use professionals. This data is what surveyed wedding vendors across the US have reported that their couples typically spent with them in 2019.

It’s my hope that by providing you with this information, you will be able to have a better idea of what to expect when it comes to wedding vendor pricing so you can establish expectations for your wedding costs that are both accurate and right for you. 

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*Please note that these figures above are averages of what was reported by professional wedding vendors all over the United States.*

A few things to note regarding this data:

*The average guest count for these weddings= 143
*Data represents all of the United States.
*Catering and venues are often times one in the same.

Also, there were a few “categories” not included in the sampling, such as favors, gifts, and fashion. All of these categories are incredibly varied, most of which (except for fashion) are in price ranges of the low hundreds.

It’s important to note that pricing for wedding vendors definitely varies depending on location, level of experience, what you’re specifically getting, guest count, etc. This is also why I included the ranges of responses, to give an even better picture of what wedding professionals are charging. It’s also crucial to recognize that you don’t necessarily need to pay attention to the TOTAL AVERAGE here, as each and every wedding is different.

Over the next few weeks, my team and I will be addressing each vendor type and their associated costs to further expand upon this information, so be on the lookout for that!


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