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Oh the wedding day. I’m going to be honest with you- there is SO MUCH that happens on a wedding day- things to remember, schedules, SO MUCH! Of course I want you all to be as prepared and organized as possible on your wedding day, so I asked organizer Justin Klosky and wedding planner Heather Schertz from the O.C.D. Experience (Organize & Create Discipline and Original & Creatively Designed Events) for their suggestions on how to stay organized on a wedding day. And so, I give you….


10 Ways To Stay Organized On Your Wedding Day

1: Create an itinerary / timeline for your special day and give it to your wedding party and team. This should include vendor arrivals, any deliveries, beauty appointments, photography sessions, ceremony time, cake cutting, and everything in between. This will keep all of your wedding party on the same page and keep them from asking you about timing of events.

2: Have a contact sheet of everyone in the weddings phone numbers and email addresses. Give this list to the MOH and BM. This will allow them to get a hold of anyone without having to bother you for information.

3: Let your onsite contact be just that, the onsite contact. Make sure your wedding party knows where they can go to with questions or concerns. This person should be the day-of wedding planner, venue contact, or a family member that is not in the wedding party and has volunteered for the position. The last thing you want to worry about is checking your phone and returning calls and text messages.

4: Stay hydrated and fed. A wedding is a full day production. Keep everyone hydrated and fed to avoid unnecessary anxiousness, frustration and headaches. Make sure that you schedule to have food and drinks delivered to the bridal suite and groom’s quarters. It can be as simple as a tray of sandwiches and veggies. Make sure to not have colored sauces or drinks. Spilling on a dress or suit could be disastrous.

5: Have a wedding survival kit with mini items incase any mishaps. Great items are hairspray, bobby pins, aspirin, lip gloss, nail polish for touch ups, safety pins, Show Stoppers fashion tape, travel sewing kit, q-tips, gum/mints, tampons, deodorant, blister block, Band-Aids and baby powder.

6: Extra items. Assign a bridesmaid the duty of bringing the “extra” items to the venue. These items will include the cake cutter, guest book and pen, garter, etc… The last thing on your mind will be making sure the pastry chef has the cake cutter for presentation. Have a bridesmaid be in charge of these items so you can be stress free.

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7: Manage your gifts. Assign someone trustworthy to be in charge of your gifts. Have them take the gifts to your hotel room (if it is onsite) during the reception or the safest location near by. This way you can enjoy the party and not have to worry about lugging boxes of gifts before leaving.

8: Have any payments for vendors arranged ahead of time. Nothing is more of a buzz kill than having to stop the party to write a check. Have your checks already made out or make payments the day before. Choose one person to be the vendor contact on-site so no one is interrupting you and your groom. Usually the venue contact can handle this for you.

9: Dancing shoe rescue. Plan ahead that your feet, and your guests’ feet, will hurt from all from the standing and dancing. Be sure to bring a change of shoes, either flats or flip-flops. You can get cute white bridal flip-flops for you and also match the flip-flops to your wedding colors for guests. Have a basket with flip-flops by the dance floor to soothe aching feet.

10: Party Responsibly. Call your local cab company or car service to let them know you are having a wedding. Just in case some guests enjoy the party a little too much, they will be able to call and easily get a ride home. Add the car service phone number to the contact sheet so anyone in the wedding party will be able to help guests get a ride.


And then with all these tips, we of course all know that hiring a wedding planner is most definitely the best way to stay organized when planning your wedding. But if you don’t have the budget to pay for that kind of luxury guidance, at least find it in your budget to have a day-of wedding coordinator. It will be worth every penny. Having a professional to guide you along the way combined with following these tips will ensure that you’re at the very least calm and collected on your wedding day! Because ultimately, I want you ALL to have an AWESOME wedding! :)


A HUGE thank you to Justin Klosky and Heather Schertz for sharing these tips with us for this special Thursday Tips post!


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  1. Jennifer

    Definitely hydrate! I was drinking water like crazy! I felt so parched most of the day, I guess because I was so nervous before. That was the only thing that showed my nervousness though haha.

  2. Kelsey

    These are better then tips they are necessities for every bride!

  3. Katherine {flower & honey}

    AMAZING tips! They are so important. I love that the “extra items” got pointed out. They always get left off the list and it can cause major (unnecessary) stress! Great post :)

  4. Nicole-Lynn

    I’m getting married next weekend and this list definitely helps… even though I knew to do most everything, it’s still a great reminder! Thank you!

  5. Alan

    These are great ideas! I’ll be sure to pass this info on to all of my brides. Thanks!

  6. Justin

    Staying organized, for any event, is the key to functioning at your best. Glad Heather and I could help a bit! :) Thanks for reading.

  7. Catie Ronquillo

    YES! Number 4 especially. When I was a bride, I totally forgot to eat… after our ceremony, my husband had the forethought to ask his friends (not in the wedding) to go grab him a sandwich from subway, since there was a gap between the ceremony and reception. I thought he was so smart about that! Luckily, since we just married he shared with me :)

  8. Colleen @ Soundtrack To I Do

    These are great tips! I’m a person who will need a lot of organizational help for my wedding day. :) My Thursday tip was posted at about 11:40 Thursday evening, because my organizational skills are… lacking. :P

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