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We’re in the wake of Engagement Season, and it’s time for newly engaged brides to start inquiring with vendors, so of course they’re sending tons of emails to potential wedding vendors. With that though, we’ve noticed a few things- specifically, that these emails lack the information necessary for a wedding professional to respond accurately- so today we’re sharing a few helpful tips on how to email potential wedding vendors! [Editor’s note: I myself had NO CLUE what I was supposed to email when inquiring with wedding vendors… I definitely wish I had this information!] 

How to Email Potential Wedding Vendors via

As a wedding planner, I personally am receiving 10-15 emails a day from potential brides, and one thing has become very apparent: messages are being sent in haste and without any information- essentially just to get the email into vendors’ inboxes. Each email I receive rarely has all the information I need to know to respond efficiently, so when I send my reply, it too is filled with questions, rather than the answers the bride was looking for.

Experiencing this prompted me to ask some of my peers if they were experiencing the same thing, and a resounding YES was their answer! So in an effort to make things a bit more streamlined and information, I have created a simple template to use when emailing potential wedding vendors! It is as easy as “copy & paste”, and not only will the potential vendors you’re emailing appreciate how thorough you are, but the email you will receive in return will have a wealth of information for you! This “template” is just six simple questions that may seem common knowledge to share, but they often get forgotten and are important to share with your potential vendors:

1) What is your Wedding Date?

If you don’t have a date chosen, share the month or year you’re looking at getting married in.


2) Are you local to that vendor or are you getting married in the area that vendor resides?

If you are not local, tell the potential vendor where you are coming from and why you chose that area.


3) Do you have a Venue booked?

If not, I am sure you have looked at some you like! What are they? This helps the potential vendor know your style, what you are looking for, and how they can help!


4) How many guests you are expecting to attend your wedding?

Your guest count can affect several different things, so if you’re looking for pricing for rentals, catering, or even a service, this is important to include.


5) What is your wedding budget?

I know this is a “taboo” question to be asked, but your potential vendors need to know this information. Furthermore, please don’t lie about your budget. If you have $25,000 and you tell us your budget is $15,000, we won’t be able to effectively send you to the right vendors or tell you about our services that fit into your budget. Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.


6) What other vendors have you booked, if any?

Don’t just say you’ve already booked a photographer, florist, and DJ. We want to know NAMES! Share WHO you have already booked, IE: J’Adore Studios, Shea Hopely Flowers, and DJ Jacob Towe!


So there you have it! A simple template that you can use as a guide when you are emailing potential vendors for your wedding. All you have to do is copy and paste it, and answer the questions with your own info! And if you have more information that you can share in your email, then go for it- it’s all about the information!

Have any questions about what else you should be including in your emails to potential vendors? Feel free to ask away- we’re here to help! 

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How to Email Potential Wedding Vendors via
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