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What should you do about the Coronavirus and your wedding?!

Coronavirus is the talk of the world at the moment, and because so much of what we talk about here at Every Last Detail is education about weddings, we’re going to tackle your questions with our wedding experts the best we can!
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A few things to keep in mind right off the bat…



First off, if your wedding is happening later this year or next year, keep moving forward with your wedding planning. Keep in mind that in the future, vendors may not be quite as available, as they might need to accommodate rescheduled wedding dates. If you have been putting off booking a vendor (or venue) you love, get them booked ASAP (if you’re able to)!



We’ve heard that some people are asking for discounted services because of this scare. We completely understand that things are tough right now, but at the same time, a wedding service or product is someone’s livelihood, just as your job is your livelihood. It’s okay to ask for something like a payment plan due to the Coronavirus and your wedding, but please don’t ask for a discount!


So, now let’s get to the Q&A, shall we?


Q: Is there anything we can do to mitigate the financial risk of booking all of these vendors now and then potentially having to cancel later?

A: “The main thing I recommend doing to mitigate the financial risk of booking all of these vendors now is start by booking the absolute essential vendors now and wait on things that aren’t as urgent. For example, book the dream photographer you’ve always wanted because there is only one of them. But maybe hold off renting the floor length ivory linens and gold chiavari chairs you’re planning to use because those are things we are able to source from a multitude of vendors and are available in large quantities.”

Jenna Culley Events 


Q: Is Event Insurance enough, or should I also purchase Cancellation Insurance?

A: “Great question! The answer is, YES! Event Insurance has become an industry standard because it protects you and your vendors from a lot of liability. Also, you add liquor liability to that to ensure you are not held responsible personally, for the actions of intoxicated guests.

Cancellation Insurance has always been suggested during hurricane season. If a wedding is cancelled all together OR if you move your event to a new date and your vendors are not available, you can recover some funds. Now, I would suggest cancellation insurance year round. Remember, you expect your vendors to serve you as if this is their full time job & to majority of us it is our career. We are not held liable for events that do not happen due to items out of our control. It is our livelihood so expecting your vendors to hand over all money spent to date is not the route to take (P.S. make sure you are reading contracts before committing to vendors). So this extra insurance protects you and helps you momentarily recover. The catch, it HAS to be purchased before their is a named storm or breakout.”

The Eventful Gals


Q: What steps should I take if I’m thinking about postponing my wedding?

A: “First, contact your venue to find out what their current policies are on cancellations or postponements (i.e. how much of your rental fee is refundable, if any). Find out if they are flexible on rescheduling and if they have any other dates available this calendar year.

Then, focus on the most important vendors to you (this will be different for everyone) and look over their contracts to see what kind of force majeure, rescheduling, or cancellation clauses they have. Every business handles these types of situations differently, but expect to at least lose your initial deposit if you decide to change your date and that vendor doesn’t have the same availability.

Finally, send out a communication to your guests to reassure them that you are aware of this situation and it’s impact on your upcoming wedding and will inform them when you have an update – and give them a date by which you’ll have a decision made (‘expect to hear from us by April 30!’ etc.).”

Hitch Perfect


Q: What will happen with my vendors if I need to reschedule?

A: “Open a line of communication with your “priority” vendors about the possibility of rescheduling. Many of us have fees for a typical reschedule, but are waiving those in light of recent situations. I have had several clients already hold a “backup date” for the next 2 weeks in case they’re forced to reschedule based on venue, government, etc. Since it’s first-come, the earlier you consider a second option, the more likely you’ll be to feel more secure if something happens and you have to reschedule your event. Preparation and communication will be the 2 most important factors during this time!”

Kristen Weaver Photography 

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Kristen Weaver Photography 


Q: What if I do have to reschedule and wait another year to marry my person?

A: “If you do have to reschedule your wedding due to travel restrictions or venue cancellations and now have to wait 6-12 months to finally say I do to your person, you could always have a small elopement or courthouse ceremony in the meantime. Photographers often have elopement packages, especially for weekday events and it’s a great way to seal the deal privately while you wait for the big party to celebrate! Most cities have beautiful, historic courthouses for a simple elopement or you can choose an outdoor location like the beach or the middle of the woods. You also get more dedicated portrait time with your photographer and the opportunity to emotionally connect during a stressful time.”

Cat Pennenga Photography 


Q: What if we want to postpone our wedding?

A: “A couple asked me that today, whose wedding is 3/28. So not sure if it helps, however…as their photographer I told them as long as I have the date available I’ll gladly reschedule to accommodate their needs!”

Mikkel Paige Photography 


Q: If I have to reschedule my wedding, will I get any money back or will my payments change?

A: “If you have to reschedule your wedding, you can expect that your payments that you have made toward your original date should apply to the new date in most cases. But also expect that your new date may come with additional charges, dependent upon the vendor, and the specific conditions surrounding your exact event details. In this case, many vendors will most certainly try to honor your original plans for the new date as much as possible, but it is not unusual to see nominal fees or additional charges that reflect additional labor costs or other work required to make the new date happen.”

Sapphire Events 


Q: What should I do about giving my caterer/venue a final guest count?

A: “Give them a low or smaller guest count than you anticipate. Many of the caterers/venues will not let you reduce your count, but will allow you to add guests up until several days before your wedding. Hopefully, by that time, you will have a more accurate count of who is traveling and will be present. Also, ask your venue to reduce or waive the minimums. Many are making exceptions at this time.”

Southern Charm Events 


Q: Will the Coronavirus limit your ability to get the flowers we discussed?

A: “This is a serious issue and one that our company, CeCe Designs and Events, is committed to helping our clients navigate. While we cannot predict the extent of delays this pandemic may cause, we can assure you that we work with the best farmers, growers, and flower agents in the business to ensure that we have the best access to product.

Should a postponement of your wedding or event need to take place, we will work with our clients to apply any payments to a mutually agreeable date in the future. We are confident that our country will develop a proper response to this issue and we will be back to “normal” operating procedures very soon. We would highly recommend staying in contact with your wedding pros, monitor the news responsibly, and consider purchasing event insurance. “

Cece Designs & Events 


Q: Some of my guests are cancelling – what do I do?

A: “First, try not to panic. The truth is, every wedding has last minute cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances, and every couple deals with those late adjustments to their seating assignments. If you had a seating chart created, you may need to re-print it due to the changes, but if you’re still in the planning stages, this may be a good reason to consider escort cards or a seating chart printed with table sheets instead of individual guest names. This way, if you’re making modifications based on only a few guests or tables, you need only re-print a handful of escort cards or table cards, rather than a whole poster. “

Winsor Event Studio 


Q: Should I be worried?

A: “If you are planning your wedding for Fall 2020 or 2021, then we feel you have nothing to worry about! If your wedding is scheduled for Spring of 2020, then it really falls under if you want the stress of this virus. We understand, the wedding must go on! Though, you must keep in consideration if guests cancel plans to come, if companies must shut down, or if venues must shut down.

Just be informed and understand that we are all under a State of Emergency and they might force stricter, unforeseen circumstances on the industy where we are not allowed to peform services. Reach out to your vendors and rest assure, as professionals, we are going to do everything we can to make sure you still get the best experience possible during this time.”



Q: Will there be any problems getting flowers for my upcoming wedding?

A: “Yes, yes there is a problem- but that is why you have hired us. Many of our flowers come from Europe, and that is the biggest problem for now. Many come from South America, and we can see a problem in a near future – and just some of the flowers are grown in the USA. We have different sources where we get our flowers from, but please trust us. In case we have a major shutdown, we both have no control. Let’s take one day after another, and hope for a better tomorrow. Communication is the key in any situation.”

The Flower Studio 


Q: If I reschedule my wedding, will you still photograph it?

A: “Definitely contact your photographer! We ask that our couples contact us when choosing a new date, to make sure we are available. As long as we are available, we have no problem capturing their updated wedding date!”

Tami & Ryan Photography 


New information is coming out all the time about the Coronavirus and your wedding, and we will update this post as it is available. 


We hope some of this insight will help you out! If you have other questions, you can always come join our Facebook Group to ask our experts, and they will answer your questions directly!

by: Nicole

Did you start your wedding planning process by googling “Do I need to hire a wedding planner?”  Or maybe you searched for details on how to book your favorite local venue, or just how to plan a wedding in general. 

Well, before you knew it, you fell down the rabbit hole of googling and clicking, and clicking, and… clicking. The next thing you knew, there were 100 tabs open on your browser. Suddenly it all felt overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. Sound familiar?

Close the tabs, take a deep breath and hit your internal reset button.

Let us take you back to square one. Remember how you felt when you opened up the search bar and typed in ‘Do I need to hire a wedding planner’?

Let’s break apart that very question a bit more, in order to plan the stress-free wedding of your dreams.

Sharing articles, and insiders information from wedding pros that we have personally vetted from the Vlist – kind of our thing! A little bit of detailed information straight from the professionals when you are wedding planning is never a bad thing.

Assisting you in making an informed decision on which wedding vendors to hire (including a wedding planner) definitely our thing! Taking the guesswork out of who you should or shouldn’t hire has been done for you.

In this post, we are sharing the nitty-gritty details of what a wedding planner really does behind the scenes.

For example, do you know the difference between a wedding day timeline and a photography timeline?

And what happens if your wedding cake doesn’t show up? If you’re off getting dressed for the day, chances are you’ll be completely unaware!

Oh! And did you know that your reception chairs make a huge impact on the overall design of your wedding space?

Get ready to have each one of those questions answered, in the excerpts below.

PS: don’t forget to click through the links to connect with each individual wedding pro from the Vlist!

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Sarah of Kindred Weddings & Events shares…..

…Wedding coordinators are so helpful at tying up loose ends and making sure all sorts of logistics are handled. Many venues require certificates of insurance – your coordinator will make sure these are collected in time. Worried about your bridal party missing a cue at the wedding ceremony? Hire a wedding coordinator! They will run through a detailed rehearsal and stand by your side on the wedding day to make sure it all flows smoothly. If you’re on the fence about hiring a wedding coordinator, lemme tell ya, they are SO worth it.

Click here to read ‘4 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Coordinator’ from Kindred Weddings & Events; including the difference between a wedding day timeline & a wedding photography timeline!


Do I Need to Hire a Wedding Planner? via

Caitlin of Plan It Event Design & Management says…

No matter how well you plan, nothing can prepare you for the anticipation and energy needed to execute your perfect wedding day, unless you’ve done this before professionally. Having a seasoned pro there for you on your wedding day, other than family and friends running around, is so valuable and often priceless. There are many things we experts look out for in terms of logistics and management like What time is the DJ arriving and what songs will they play at which time? When will they be queued to know you are walking down the aisle to change the song? Who will escort and guide your guests for a smooth transition into the cocktail hour from the ceremony? Who will sign for the cake order while you are getting ready? What if guests arrive that didn’t RSVP? What if the wrong color linens show up? And much more…

Click here to read ‘There is no Such Thing as a Day of Coordinator’ by Plan It Event Design & Management!

Do I Need to Hire a Wedding Planner? via

Terri of G.G. Events shares…

….Everything Running Behind…. The building of the timeline to keep things in order and keeping people on that timeline is all about the experience. Hire a Planner or an Event Manager so your friends and family can enjoy the day. We will make sure everything is getting done and running smoothly. We have years of experience building a cushion in case of running behind and know how to work with all your vendors to make the best of the hours you have booked them for.

Click here to read the full article ‘Wedding Disasters and How to Avoid Them’, including how G.G. Events handled a no show wedding cake!

Do I Need to Hire a Wedding Planner? via

Dana of Dana Cubbage Weddings shares…


Brides often ask me for my input on a variety of things pertaining to their wedding day. From the color of their bridesmaid dresses to the types of bowties the groomsmen should wear, I’m always more than happy to give my input on what will look best when it comes to their wedding photos. Over the years, I’ve found that there are some things that can make a substantial impact on the way a wedding photographs and I wanted to share my top picks for where I think my clients should splurge on their wedding day that will make the most impact in their photos. Dare I say that, more than anything else, the CHAIRS you choose for your reception space will make the biggest impact on the look and feel of your reception space.

Click here to read ‘The Importance of Reception Chairs’ including a full break down of styles, by Dana Cubbage Weddings



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Having been a wedding planner in my “past life”, I often think back to the last wedding that I “officially” planned. It was a super amazing wedding, for a super amazing couple. I always say that if I had continued to plan weddings, they and my second-to-last couple were my absolute “ideal couple”. They had their own vision and their own opinions about things, but they also trusted my opinion. More times than not, they asked me before making any decisions. And by the end of their wedding planning, they weren’t just a couple that I planned a wedding for- they were my friends. [See the end of this post to learn more about why I don’t plan weddings anymore.]

The thing that I always remember from my time planning weddings is how every bride (or groom) I worked with would say at some point during the process, “Oh my goodness, I don’t know what I would do without you!” Looking back, it’s occurred to me that at first, some of those couples weren’t even sure if they needed a wedding planner. But it was mostly just because they didn’t realize all of the things that a planner *really* does… which is exactly why I’m going to share some of those things with you today!

What A Wedding Planner Really Does via

– Planning Checklist & Schedule. Ah, what every bride has to have, right? I mean, you really can’t plan a wedding without knowing what has to be done right? Having a planner create a custom checklist and schedule for you- and remind you when it’s time to get crackin’ on the next task- is pretty awesome. Plus, all the other checklists and schedules out there aren’t unique to YOU and YOUR wedding. Bonus: your planner has planned a wedding before- you haven’t. ;)

– Budget. Yes, the dreaded word. A planner can most certainly help you create and stick to your budget. And when you want something that just might be completely unfeasible, your planner will tell you instead of letting you get your hopes up.

– Vendor recommendations. A planner is going to give you solid vendor recommendations of people that they have worked with before and who they trust. In fact, if you want to, ask about their experiences working with certain vendors. Sometimes they may even NOT recommend a particular vendor because of a bad experience working with them. It sounds awful, but it happens.

– Vendor communication & liason. This includes contacting vendors to find out availability, emailing, phone calls, texts, and most likely a meeting or two. Sometimes if you want, you can even have your planner communicate with all of your vendors (or just a select few) and just have him or her email you with updates, questions, concerns, etc. Oh, and let’s not forget the reminders that you’ll get from your planner about when it’s time to make a payment to one of your vendors.

– Your wedding design. Now, not all planners are experts in wedding design. In fact, there are even wedding designers who JUST design weddings- and they are awesome. However, no matter what services your planner offers, he or she will most definitely help you figure things out when it comes to your wedding’s design. Whether it’s a specific idea or helping you pick out colors, they’ll be by your side to help guide you along.

– Meetings & Consults. Having a planner can also mean that he or she deals with scheduling your meetings. Sometimes it can take several emails or phone calls to figure out the right time and place for a meeting or consult to take place. That’s time- time that you might not have! Having a planner, you can just them a few potential days and times, and then they can get to work scheduling!

– Etiquette. You know you’re going to have a question about whether or not to invite so-and-so’s new girlfriend, dress code, or maybe even how much alcohol to serve. A planner knows the etiquette for all things wedding. Sometimes “etiquette” things aren’t even etiquette anymore, and it’s just really what works best for you and your wedding, but sometimes there are still things that are “tacky” or not. ;)

– RSVPs. Some wedding planners will keep track of your RSVPs for you. This is SUCH a tedious task- meals, seating, guest counts, etc. I myself have never handled RSVPs for my brides, but I have several friends that do. Just another thing that you don’t have to do! :)

What A Wedding Planner Really Does via

Image by Bri Cibene Photography

– Reminders. Yes, reminders. Plain and simple. Because chances are that you might possibly forget about something– whether it’s big (like a DJ) or small (like menus), a wedding planner will most definitely be able to give you little reminders about things that could have potentially forgotten!

– Vendor Confirmations. The week before your wedding is going to be craziness. You do not want to have to deal with emails and phone calls back and forth with vendors to confirm times and places. Your planner will handle that. ;)

– Wedding Day Schedule. You absolutely always need to have a timeline for your wedding day. How else would you know what time to start getting ready, when to tell people to deliver things, etc? Of course your wedding planner will handle this for you, making tweaks and updating vendors as needed.

– Wedding Ceremony Coordination & Rehearsal. Sometimes a wedding ceremony can be like a huge cluster of chaos. People think they know what to do, but when it comes down to it, they really don’t. Having a planner will ensure that your ceremony runs smoothly and everyone involved knows what to do and where to go!

– Wedding Day Coordination. I talk about this ALL the time. You definitely don’t want to be the one dealing with setting things up on your wedding day. Making sure the cake is delivered on top, the favors get placed at each placesetting, and that adorable ribbon chandelier you made gets hung. Not only that, but what about when it comes time for your wedding to *actually* happen? Who’s going to tell you when it’s time to leave for your ceremony, or when to cut your cake? Oh and who will sew your bustle when it breaks or find your best man when he’s missing for toasts? Your wedding planner, that’s who! ;)

– Wedding Details. Who’s going to put our your escort cards, make sure favors are at placesettings, and set up your special cake-and-dessert display? You don’t want to entrust these tasks to just anyone. Your planner will take care of the wedding details that I’m sure you will painstakingly and lovingly create for your wedding, making sure that they will be setup to meet your expectations. And then, he or she will take everything down at the end of the night and give it your parents or keep it for you to pick up when you get home from your honeymoon.

– Wedding Gifts. Yeah, so those gifts that everyone brings. What do you do with them?! It’s something that is commonly forgotten, but your planner will be sure to load up all of your gifts for a designated person to take home and keep safe and sound for you. And if they’re like me, they will tuck all of your cards into your overnight bag. ;)

Oh my, now that I’ve listed all of that out… WOW! It’s SO much! When I was reminiscing about my last wedding, I was reminded of just how much work planning does entail, and so of course I wanted to share it with you all! (And it also reminds me of why I stopped planning- it takes SO much time!) And sure, while being a wedding planner seems fun and glamorous, it’s also a lot of work. But luckily, a planner really can do A LOT for you as bride- and take a lot of things off your plate too!

I’m hoping that by sharing all of this, it will perhaps help some of you who are in the same position as my brides were in before hiring me. Because friends, YOU ALL deserve to have amazing weddings, and to enjoy it too! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email asking! :)


PS: Any wedding planners have things to add to this list? Feel free to comment with additions!!

[Editor’s note: Don’t get me wrong- I LOVED planning weddings. I still do. But it was a decision that I had to make when faced with what direction my business would go. I either had to continue on with Every Last Detail as a wedding blog, or Every Last Detail as a wedding planning company. I decided to continue on with ELD as a blog, and I have never regretted the decision. The fact that I can reach thousands of couples with the advice and inspiration on ELD, as opposed to just a few via planning is so important to me- because I want to help as many brides and grooms as I possibly can.]

This post was originally published on November 15, 2012 and has since been updated. 


PPS: Want to know the wedding planners who I myself have vetted and verified and absolutely 1000% recommend? Click here to see them in The V List! :)

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by: Lauren

Is there a more elegant color combo than black and white? This chic Chicago wedding captured by V List photographer Nicole Jansma is the perfect blend of timeless and modern. With gorgeous downtown views and a minimalist color palette, Urban Allure Events helped this couple plan their dream wedding. Their all white reception at LondonHouse Chicago featured florals by Kehoe Designs and modern marble details. And we LOVE how they included their fur babies (even printing their illustrations on the napkins) into their day!

See even more of this wedding featured on Nicole Jansma Photography’s blog!

A Modern & Chic White Chicago Wedding via TheELD.comA Modern & Chic White Chicago Wedding via A Modern & Chic White Chicago Wedding via A Modern & Chic White Chicago Wedding via A Modern & Chic White Chicago Wedding via A Modern & Chic White Chicago Wedding via A Modern & Chic White Chicago Wedding via A Modern & Chic White Chicago Wedding via A Modern & Chic White Chicago Wedding via A Modern & Chic White Chicago Wedding via A Modern & Chic White Chicago Wedding via A Modern & Chic White Chicago Wedding via A Modern & Chic White Chicago Wedding via A Modern & Chic White Chicago Wedding via A Modern & Chic White Chicago Wedding via TheELD.comA Modern & Chic White Chicago Wedding via TheELD.comA Modern & Chic White Chicago Wedding via A Modern & Chic White Chicago Wedding via TheELD.comA Modern & Chic White Chicago Wedding via A Modern & Chic White Chicago Wedding via

From Nicole Jansma Photography:

Abby and Danny planned the perfect, modern, minimal, classic Chicago wedding and I am still over the moon with how beautifully it all came together. I love the clean and simplistic look of their day and their neutral color palette of whites, blacks, and greys. And the stunning downtown rooftop views don’t hurt either!

See even more of this wedding featured on Nicole Jansma Photography’s blog!


Vendors who made it all happen…

Photography: Nicole Jansma Photography // Planner: Urban Allure Events // Venue + Catering: LondonHouse Chicago // Florals + Décor: Kehoe Designs // Hair + Makeup: Bianca Sansosti Artistry // Dress Designer: Theia Couture // Dress Retailer: Alice in Ivory Bridal // Veil: Blush by Hayley Paige // Earrings: Kendra Scott // Bride + Groom Shoes: Christian Louboutin // Suits: The Black Tux // Bridesmaids Dresses: Brideside // Cakes: Bittersweet Bakery // DJ: Luniks Entertainment // Videographer: 312 Film // Paper Goods: Mint Lane Studio // Favors: Garrett’s Popcorn // Calligraphy: Lively House and Home // Photo Booth: Shutterbox Photo Entertainment

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