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Happy Thursday everyone! Okay, so I know I’ve posted on First Looks before, but it’s been way over a year, so I thought it was time to revisit the subject. Mostly because some of my past weddings would have been so much more amazing if they had done a first look! Because, as this post’s title says, first looks are awesome! There’s just nothing else to it!

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Photo by ELV photographer Kristen Weaver

 So let’s start with some situations that could possibly happen on your wedding day that could possibly conflict with photo time if you don’t have a first look…

– Things can and most likely will not stay on schedule. Like go over the estimated amount of time. Especially things like a catholic mass.

– If you’re traveling from Point A (ceremony) to Point B (reception), there could possibly be traffic! Or just really stupid people who don’t know how to drive.

– You could get held up by a mob of wedding guests who are SO excited that you just got married!

– Family photos could take SO much longer than you anticipated because Uncle George decided to go smoke after the ceremony and he can’t be found.

And last but most importantly…

– The sun goes down. And therefore goes away. See ya sunlight!

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Photo by ELV photographer Jason Mize Photography

 And now for some fabulous reasons why first looks are awesome

– You absolutely WILL GET that image of him seeing you for the first time. And it will be beautiful. And it will just be the two of you.

– You’ll be able to have some alone time together. Chances are that you haven’t seen each other since the night before at your rehearsal- you’re bound to be bursting at the seams because you have something to tell your best friend, right?! Oh, and there’s the fact that you’re going to be SUPER excited that you’re about to get married!

– You can cry, he can cry- each of you can show every bit of emotion that you’re actually feeling because it’s just the two of you (and your photog).

– You won’t have to worry about rushing to take photos right after the ceremony.

– If the weather decides to act up after your ceremony (rain, snow, sleet, wind, etc), you’re not completely screwed.

– You won’t have to worry about whether or not your photographer got enough awesome photos of you and your non-photogenic now-husband (although if you find him/her in ELV, you definitely won’t have to worry!).

– You’ll have more time to enjoy your wedding day. Hey, you might even be able to go to cocktail hour!

– Your photographer will for sure have time to capture photos of the reception decor before guests go in!

– You can get a peek of your reception setup before all the guests go in. If you’re like my brides, you’ll really want to see it all done up and gorgeous!

Oh and the most important one…

– The photos will be AMAZING!

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Photo by ELV Photographer Vue Photography

Now I know what you’re thinking. You want to stick with the traditional route. You want to have the experience of walking down the aisle and seeing your fiancé’s face light up. BUT you’ll still have that experience. You’re not changing the fact that you’re still walking down the aisle, or that his face will still light up. You would just be eliminating the chance for stressing about photos. And trust me- I’ve done the down the aisle thing, without a first look before. Sadly, I was so concerned about about not tripping and not crying that I could hardly even look at my husband! OH, and let’s not forget that it rained during my photo time so my husband and I have like 3 decent photos together.

I’m definitely not saying you HAVE to do a first look. I’m just saying that it will make your day so much better- from a photo perspective and from a logistics perspective! So give it some thought. For those of you have had gotten married already, please comment and share what you did! If you’re still trying to decide, we can help you- share why you’re on the fence. [Oh and also take a look at this post and this post. They’re really old post and please forgive the screwed up formatting, but the photos are great to see!]

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Thursday Tips: First Looks Are Awesome! via


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  1. Erica, Colorado Occasions

    Im a first look enthusiast!! I just love them. Its such a special moment that just the two people get to share without the distractions of walking down the aisle. Great Post!

  2. Megan [Glamour and Grace]

    I really wish I had done a first look. My hub was the one who wanted to be traditional. But I really wish I had that time to get all the pent up emotions out and just be calm for the ceremony. Without that, I was crying like crazy throughout the whole ceremony (which means every photo is of me with a strange crying distorted face, not pretty)!

  3. Helena

    We are absolutely doing a first look – for all the reasons you mention!

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