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Today is my husband and I’s 2 year anniversary. We had a great weekend together, not really doing much of anything. Yep, we’re pretty boring already. And this morning, we went and got blood work done together. No lie. I felt like we were celebrating 52 years, not 2. But hey, at least we were together- and they even let us be in the same room! ;)

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In the 2 years that we’ve been married and the almost 10 years we’ve been together, we’ve probably been through more than most newly married couples have. Deaths, divorces, weddings, graduations, new dog, career changes, moves, hospital stays, 911 calls, near-death experiences, starting a business, oh and of course getting married. :) We’re FAR from a perfect couple, and we know that and celebrate it. It’s what makes us “us”. I hate when I read or hear marriage tips from people who act like their marriage is perfect, because no one is perfect, right? So I thought I would share a few marriage tips today, straight from a real
“not-so-perfect” married couple.

1. Keep things simple. This means everything- your house/apartment, your finances, your dates, whatever. The simpler the better.

2. Take care of each other. DUH- this is a given, but sometimes you have to consciously remember this. You might get so wrapped up in something else that you forget to do it.

3. It’s okay to fight. Unfortunately, it’s just part of life. We all know this, but when you have your first married fight, it feels different. But it’s not- it’s just a normal fight, a disagreement. Bottom line- a fight is okay. It’s not the end of your marriage. :)

4. You don’t have to spend money to go on a “date”. It took me a little while to get over the “we-don’t-have-any-money-so-we-can’t-do-anything” thing. Heck, a date for us is considered taking a walk or driving around town- because we’re on a budget and can’t afford to go out to dinner every week. It’s about spending dedicated time together, not what you’re doing.

5. Cook together. This is one of my husband’s tips. :) Even if you don’t know how to cook, it’s a great learning experience to cook together. Each person gets their own portion of the meal to take care of, and then it all comes together into a complete meal. [If you can’t cook together all the time, maybe take turns fixing dinner if you’re able to.] And as for cleanup, well we’ve found that it’s best to do it together too. :) [It’s always good to grocery shop together too. This is a weekly must for us.]


Yeah, so I know they’re not life-changing tips, but they’re real, and they’ve worked for us for 2 years so far. For all of you planning your weddings, these are all things that you can use now, before you’re married too. Because you don’t want to forget the goal of planning your wedding- a marriage. :)


Happy 2 year anniversary Schuyler- I love you!

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Wedding Anniversary Special: Marriage Tips After 2 Years via


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  1. alicia@Charitywedding

    Great tips and Happy Anniversary! Anyone that can stay married through chiro school is meant to last! :)

  2. Melina

    These are such wonderful tips! I love number 4 because it is currently what my husband and I are trying to work on. We learned recently while sitting out on our patio that we always want to do date night only to find that we really just want to get away from the tv and computer. Sitting on the patio is so much cheaper than escaping to fancy restaurants. Which goes to number 1, keep things simple :-) Congrats on your 2 years! <3

  3. Heidi Mitchell

    I know what you mean about feeling old getting blood work done. My husband was diagnosed with kidney disease last year, so we’re always getting blood work or at a doctor visit. And we’re always the youngest people in the building! Makes me feel old, but that’s just life sometimes.

    Happy Anniversary! Great tips. I like your hubby’s tip of cooking together :)

  4. Corrie Anne

    Hooray! Happy Anniversary! I love the simple yet practical advice!! Perfect!

  5. vencanice nis

    Nice couple and amazing post. Thanks for sharing.

  6. CJ Isaac

    This is such a great post! Thank you for sharing all these tips on what works for you two. I really enjoyed reading it. :) Congrats on two years!

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