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This week’s Vendor of the Week is a good friend of mine and an amazing photographer, Jason Mize. When I first “met” Jason, I’ll admit, it was via Twitter. I saw that he was from Tampa, took a look at his work, and was floored at how great it was- and asking myself (and soon him) why I hadn’t heard of him before! Well ELD readers, he’s a newer photographer in the wedding industry, and I want to introduce you to him! And if you’re looking a photographer- he just may be the one for you! :)

Vendor Of The Week: Jason Mize Photography via

Why do you see yourself as being Modern, Vintage, Classic, or Eclectic?

I would describe myself as being a little bit of all these styles. I would say that I lean more toward eclectic with a hint of vintage feel. My goal for each photo is to exude romance! I want the feeling of the day to shine through and through. If my clients can look at their photos, 40 years from now, and it still evoke those same emotions, then I have achieved what to give each client. I guess!

Vendor Of The Week: Jason Mize Photography via

What is your favorite wedding detail you’ve ever seen or created?

It would be a couple of things, the first is in my own wedding. When I got married a few years ago, my two nieces were only 1 and not really able to walk, but my wife said it was a must that they were in the wedding. I built a Crown on wheels for them to ride down the isle in. I know it sounds cheesy, but it actually looked really good! For the weddings that I’ve shot, it’s definitely the hair pieces and custom jewelry! I think that it helps the bride make her feel like one of a kind!

Vendor Of The Week: Jason Mize Photography via

What is your favorite store or brand?

Something western…. I love boots and western shirts, but then again, I love me some TOMS too!

Vendor Of The Week: Jason Mize Photography via

What advice do you have for a newly engaged bride?

First… after you get your date set… search for your photographer ;) There are so many out there, but you want to make sure that the one that you fall in love with is available! Second… Remember that it’s YOUR wedding! It’s so easy to get caught up in advice that everyone else has for you and what they think you should do. Find YOUR style and figure out what will make you excited about your wedding. There are so many resources out there for ideas… like BLOGS!

Vendor Of The Week: Jason Mize Photography via

What is your favorite thing about weddings?

The Ceremony without a doubt! I am passionate about what “marriage” represents. There are so many things that go into a wedding these days – the venue, the dress, the invitations, the cake, but there is one thing that doesn’t change – the ceremony! It’s a place that honors a couple’s commitment! It’s the start to this couple’s life together. It IS the reason someone gets “married”. I love what a wedding means and being able to get to see the start of a couple’s lifetime together- it’s humbling!

Vendor Of The Week: Jason Mize Photography via


And so that’s it for the interview from Jason Mize Photography! Definitely check out his ELV listing for more amazing photos and to see some his work that has been featured on ELD! And when you contact him, tell him that you found out about him here on ELD! ;)


contact: Jason Mize Photography | email: | phone: 813.600.0670  website:

location: Central FL, Florida, West Coast FL | type: Photographer | style: Eclectic, Vintage | price: $, $$


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Vendor Of The Week: Jason Mize Photography via


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