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Three years ago today, I was on a fabulous honeymoon. It. Was. Amazing. Every time I hear someone stressing about their weddings, I tell them that one of the best parts about having a wedding is the honeymoon afterwards. But I know what you’re thinking- a honeymoon is just extra money to add to all that you’re already spending for your wedding. My husband and I were in the exact same position. In fact, I had to talk him into going on a honeymoon! And three years later, that week in paradise without a care in the world (except for him “misplacing” his passport the day we were leaving) is STILL all he talks about. :)

Here’s the thing though- we had “help” with our honeymoon, because we had a honeymoon registry! It’s one of the BIG reasons that we didn’t have a care in the world on our honeymoon! Which is why I was thrilled when I “met” Honeymoon Pixie! You see, honeymoon registries are still a bit new, and you might wonder if it’s the right option for you, or even how to get started with one. A honeymoon registry is the perfect option for couples who want to have an amazing honeymoon. It’s similar to a traditional registry, but your guests purchase fun activities for you to enjoy during your honeymoon. It’s perfect if you’re already living together and don’t really need the traditional “registry items”. Plus, it allows your friends and family to give you the gift of amazing experiences on your honeymoon! And trust me- people will love being able to give you a couples massage or sailboat cruise as a gift instead of just cash in a card or one of those cliche gifts you’ll never use. My friends and family loved it!

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So here are few tips for using a honeymoon registry:

– Start with a pre-built honeymoon registry, which will be based on popular honeymoon destinations and include a full spectrum of activities. This saves you time and gets your registry published in a flash.

– Add in extra activities and things to your registry that reflect you and your fiance’s personalities. Love food? Then be sure to include a candlelight dinner on the beach in your registry!

– Have a variety of things with price points ranging from $20 to $100 so that all budgets can be accommodated.

– You can break-down “big ticket” items into smaller increments. For example, a $400 honeymoon suite upgrade can be listed as four $100 gifts!

– Use the free tools that Honeymoon Pixie provides! You can tell your friends and family with printable cards or post your registry to Facebook, or even print lists that will help with your thank you notes!

Oh, and one of the things that I had questions about when I had a honeymoon registry was how the whole “gift/money” thing worked. Well my friends, it’s really easy. When your guests purchase one of your items, the money for that item goes into your gift account. Whenever you’re ready to redeem your gift funds from your account, you just let Honeymoon Pixie know, and they will send you your money by check, bank deposit, or PayPal! I can assure you- it’s really easy, and even more, it’s absolutely amazing! Oh, and you might be wondering if all this costs anything… it’s absolutely free to have a honeymoon registry! (Full disclosure: There is a service fee for running credit cards, but it’s not bad at all- and you the option to choose how it’s paid. Plus, it’s what gift wrap and shipping would cost if your guests were to buy you a traditional gift!)

And now with all this talk about honeymoons, I am definitely dreaming about mine- I wish I could go on a honeymoon every year! But I want to know all about your honeymoons! When did you start planning it? Where are you going? And are you using a honeymoon registry? If you’re not, be sure to go sign up for Honeymoon Pixie! It’s fast, easy, and your guests will love it! Happy honeymooning friends! :)

Tuesday Tips: Using A Honeymoon Registry via

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Tuesday Tips: Using A Honeymoon Registry via


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  1. Krista Lynn

    Yes, I would definitely recommend doing a honeymoon registry! I found out about them a couple months ago, and absolutely adore the idea. We discovered one called wanderable, that has gorgeous designs. Definitely check that one out.

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