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Happy Tuesday everyone! With the holidays here and in full swing, that also means that it’s my favorite time of year… engagement season! While some people may have already gotten engaged, there may be some clever guys out there planning a proposal too, and so today’s Tuesday Tips is just for them!

So sure, there are all kinds of ways to propose… some are highly public, some are highly private, and some are just part of everyday life. You may have seen the flash mob proposals (which I LOVE), or the proposal that happens on a walk through a park that just so happens to be captured by a photographer, or even just the simple proposal at a romantic dinner. Heck, my husband proposed to me with a GIANT cardboard box! So yes indeed- there are lots of things that can be done when it comes to proposing… but there are also some basic steps that you can follow to help you along in the planning of your proposal.

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1. Ask Around. Let’s be honest- sometimes it helps to have another brain in the mix. Now, don’t ask every single one of her Facebook friends or coworkers, but identify those that are closest to her, and of those, who you trust most. You definitely want them to be able to keep a secret, but also be close enough with her that they will most likely already know the information that you want to get. What kind of information you ask? It could be anything from her dream proposal to what kind of ring she wants- any information is good information. :)

2. Start Plotting. That’s what planning a marriage proposal is all about, right? Chances are, you’ll know that your significant other is “the one” far before you actually propose… so why not start planning it early on? Think about dates that you went on, where you met, favorite colors, favorite places, etc etc. All in all, just think about your relationship- the best proposals are the ones that tell a story and are meaningful.

3. Engagement Ring Research. The ring is a very important part of proposing- in case you didn’t already know. But in all seriousness, it’s not always about the ring *itself*, but what it stands for. Chances are good that the person you asked in Step 1 had some idea of what your significant other wants for an engagement ring. But you also want to be sure to do your own research- in more ways than one. If you’re being sneaky, your girlfriend’s Pinterest is a great place to go- lots of girls are pinning wedding pretties before even getting engaged… and this definitely includes engagement rings! Cuts, settings, even stone color… these are all things that you should try to find out about in your “research”.

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But when I say “research”, I also mean really and truly learning about engagement rings and diamonds. There are all kinds of words and lingo- a whole vocabulary in essence– when it comes to engagement rings. One of the things you should think about is the *type* of diamond that you want your soon-to-be-fiance’s engagement ring to have. If you’ve already been researching, you may have heard a thing or two about man-made diamonds. If your girlfriend prefers to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, this is definitely something you should learn a thing or two about. (Brief synopsis: Diamonds mined in traditional mining operations displace tons of earth and disturb ecosystems… not to mention that they often fund wars and slave labor.)

4. Get The Ring! There are so many different places to get an engagement ring, and where you choose is totally up to you. However, the type of ring you want to get, could dictate where you will be purchasing. If you want an eco-friendly diamond for your girlfriend, I highly recommend Gemesis. Not only do they have man made and conflict-free diamonds, but you also can design your own ring on their website to ensure that you’re purchasing exactly what you want! Plus, their designs are pretty gorgeous if you ask me! :)

5. PROPOSE! So you have your engagement ring, you’ve consulted your trusted “advisors”, and you have a plan… and now it’s time to actually PROPOSE! Whatever you’ve planned, I’m sure it’s going to be AMAZING! Good luck, and don’t forget to revel in the excitement of being newly engaged for a few days! :)

And just because I want to throw in another gorgeous engagement ring…

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 And then once you and your new fiancé are ready to start planning your wedding, send her over here to ELD… specifically this post! ;) Congrats!!

Does anyone have any other proposal tips to share? How about your own proposal stories?

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Tuesday Tips: How To Plan A Marriage Proposal via


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