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Last week, I got a phone call from my good friend and amazing photographer Kristen Weaver. Kristen asked me if I had ever done a post about groom fashion, and I admitted that I really have no clue when it comes to men’s fashion. Well lucky me, Kristen knows a thing or two about fashion, and so she was kind enough to fill us all in about groom’s wedding fashion. Because really, how many weddings do you see where the groom has some sort of detail of his own? Not many, right? Well Kristen and I want to change that! So Kristen, take it away!


Don’t Forget The Groom!


While discussing politics on my Facebook fan page (and anyone that knows me realizes how funny this is), I decided that I would much rather be talking about something more important, like shoes!

After my fiancé’s ex-wife’s brother (did you follow that?) mentioned that he had never worn a pair of Jimmy Choo’s, I got to thinking: why do we always forget the groom when it comes to fashion?

Granted, as women, most of our priority is wrapped around the perfect dress, the perfect shoes and the perfect accessories, but as men are becoming more fashion savvy, and I’ve been meeting much more fashionable grooms as time passes, why not let them have their own personal touches? While searching for the most amazing Louboutins, why not pick up some Ferragamo’s for him? ;)

So sure, this may not be reasonable for all of us, but even in the little details – let your groom’s personality shine through! Let’s get out of the habit of just picking out a tux and coordinating tie, and go beyond to personal touches on everything from their cuff-links, to shoes and belt-buckles. The most awesome thing about what the guys wear, is that most of it will last them years and years of re-wearing! (Yes, they can totally “wear it again!”)


Starting with the tie.

Meet Colleen and Casey Morin. A super cute, super fun and super eclectic couple, Casey sent Colleen on a hunt for the perfect tie the day before their wedding. When Colleen announced she had found a “whale tie”, Casey had a slight groomzilla moment and seriously doubted her ability to choose his wedding-day attire. But it turned out, the whale tie was a huge hit! Navy blue with a small white whale pattern – the perfect compliment to his light gray suit and canvas sneakers.

Tuesday Tips: Dont Forget The Groom! via TheELD.comTuesday Tips: Dont Forget The Groom! via

Suit by JCrew


When I asked bride-to-be Courtney about any special details they would have on their wedding day, she proudly mentioned that I needed to get a shot of Bruce’s belt! It seemed like an odd request – especially to name it with such certainty. But the lobster-cut belt buckle was such a fabulous detail for their beach-side wedding, I knew exactly why she wanted it remembered. I also gave Bruce major props for the fancy suit lining :)

Tuesday Tips: Dont Forget The Groom! via TheELD.comTuesday Tips: Dont Forget The Groom! via


My second favorite thing to photograph (besides weddings) is fashion. I get to work with Melanie Pace quite frequently (she’s pretty much IT in Orlando fashion), and she always brings over the most amazing shoes, clothes and jewelry. We recently shot a men’s fashion editorial and she showed me the most luxurious brown leather Salvatore Ferragamo shoes! I am honestly dying for one of my grooms to show up in these :) I may have to buy them for my own fiancé! Many major shoe designers have a men’s line (Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Michael Kors), so don’t be afraid to look around!

Tuesday Tips: Dont Forget The Groom! via

(Shoes on Left by Gucci, Shoes on Right by Salvatore Ferragamo)


Argyle, patterned, paisley – as long as it matches his personality, you can’t go wrong! True story: Dylan. Last July, I shot a wedding in Akron, Ohio. I decided to do a cute little shot of the men’s shoes, and asked them to lift their pant legs up so I could get their socks (by the way, this isn’t always smart. Go back to Colleen and Casey’s wedding with the whale tie – Casey wore white tube socks to his wedding. Yes. Yes he did). When Dylan told me he was wearing “goofy socks”, the Orlando girl automatically assumed Disney Goofy. So I made a cute little joke about being from Orlando and practically living in Disney’s backyard. When he lifted his pants, I said (confused) – ‘That’s not Goofy, that’s Mickey!’. He had no idea what I was talking about, until he realized that his socks were, in fact, Mickey Mouse. It became the joke of the day, in a good way.


Cuff Links

I may be a little biased, but one of my favorite weddings is the wedding of my best friend, Candice. After getting proposed to outside of the historic Flat Iron building in NYC, she chose some amazing custom Flat Iron cufflinks for her male guests as their favors! She thought beyond the groom’s attire and helped her entire guest list be a little more fashionable! (I guess it helps when the bride is a fashion designer, herself!)

Tuesday Tips: Dont Forget The Groom! via TheELD.comTuesday Tips: Dont Forget The Groom! via

So from anything to suits, socks and squares (pocket squares!), don’t forget your groom! Let him be fun and fashionable, too! After all, he probably deserves it for letting you buy those Louboutin’s you’ve been drooling over ;)


Um, yes please to all of it! I love it! A huge thank you to Kristen Weaver for reminding all of us to not forget the groom, and of course for sharing your beautiful photos with us too! So what do you guys think? Anyone have a groom who is planning on having some sort of fashionable details on your wedding day?

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Tuesday Tips: Dont Forget The Groom! via


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  1. Brian

    Great intro to groom-wear, Kristen. And I agree – it’s all about personality. I recently consulted with a bride whose groom is set on a “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” theme for his attire, including vintage Floyd Side-Button shirts and dark denim jeans. If you’re gonna go for it, you might as well go big.

    • Lauren Grove

      Brian, if I could like a comment, I would “like” yours! ;)

  2. BrIDE

    Thanks for the post!
    Here”s My Groom Fashion Question: Should the Groom’s Shirt Match the Bride’s dress? (i.E. If the dress is cream should the shirt be cream?)

  3. molly Bermea

    excellent post and images! Loved the topic. I think men are really downplayed in wedding planning… some guys don’t care but some would like to have some significance as a part of the day too. After all, I believe it’s a day for you as a couple, not just the bride. :D – Molly (from

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