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Hey there loves! So today I have a fun little announcement! My friend Brit Stewart of Landlocked Bride is joining the Every Last Detail team of contributors! Brit is a blogger and wedding planner, and she knows her stuff! She’s also been a bride recently, so of course she’s the perfect fit for ELD… a bride AND a wedding pro- that’s how we roll. ;) So now Brit AND Kristine will be stopping by throughout the week sharing tips, advice, and real weddings with us. But don’t worry, I’ll still be posting the majority of the time! ;) For Brit’s very first post, she’s giving some excellent advice that’s very close to her heart- ways to “green” your wedding! Take it away Brit! Ā 


If you followed my own wedding, you’ll know I have a soft spot for sustainability. I’m just a sucker for preserving the land for the next generation. With a growing generation of kids who care about the Earth, it’s no secret that “green” is everywhere these days. Organic produce, composting, recycling, weddings. Yes… weddings.

What most people don’t realize is that it is relatively easy to add a few green elements to your wedding. Those mason jars in your grandma’s basement? Eco-friendly. Using glassware and ceramic plates? Eco-friendly. Selling your wedding gown after the big day? Eco-friendly. So, how can you really “green up” your wedding and save the Earth, too?

1. Choose Eco-Vendors

Use sites like the Green Bride Guide to find other vendors who have a green mission statement and share the same love of sustainability.Ask your caterers to source local foods by taking advantage of produce grown and meat raised in the region. And, insist they use foods that are in season. These small steps avoid unnecessary transportation costs.

Use a stationer who prints on recycled paper, and ask if it is possible to print using soy-based inks. Stationers like Bloomin’ print on plantable seed paper and used soy-based inks which are less harmful on the environment.

Tuesday Tips: 5 Ways to Green Your Wedding via TheELD.comThe Aspen Suite from Bloomin’

Make sure your florist uses flowers that are in season and easily found in your region. Just like your caterer going local, having your florist do the same will also prevent any unnecessary transportation costs.

2. Upcycle

Instead of buying new decor items, use pieces that you borrowed from friends and family, or purchased from garage sales, antique shops and Goodwill. This includes those masons from grandma and the milk glass from that antique shop.

3. Minimize Waste

Choose a venue that recycles. Better yet, choose a venue that composts. And, see if the caterer is willing to donate any leftover food to foodbanks.Opt for cupcakes instead of a tiered cake. Caterers often cut cake slices smaller than normal to ensure enough cake for everyone, but it usually just ends up in added waste. With cupcakes, guests are more prone to eat an entire cupcake. And, any leftovers you can easily send home with guests or enjoy with your new significant other the next day.

Tuesday Tips: 5 Ways to Green Your Wedding via TheELD.comPhoto via The Vintage Rental Co.

4. Dress Green

Have your groom purchase his suit so he can re-wear it. Or find a gown made with organic and sustainable materials like those from Adele Wechsler. And, when the big day is over, sell your gown to give it another chance to shine.

You can also borrow jewelry from friends and family members, rather than purchasing new bling. Or, wear your Mom’s veil. And pick out a pair of shoes you know you’ll absolutely love to re-wear after you walk down the aisle.

5. Offset Your Wedding with Carbon Credits.

Using CarbonFund or TerraPass you can offset the carbon emissions of your wedding to account for travel and production to put on your big day. Terrapass offers a wedding calculator to help you estimate the carbon footprint and let you know how many carbon credits are needed to offset your wedding.

I promise these tips are easier than they seem. And, you do not have to go all out on eco-friendly everything, Try incorporating at least one green element. After all, one is better than none.



Wow SUCH great tips! Thank you Brit! Now everyone, please give Brit a warm welcome! Are you planning on using any of these awesome tips that she shared with us?

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Tuesday Tips: 5 Ways to Green Your Wedding via

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Tuesday Tips: 5 Ways to Green Your Wedding via

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  1. Victoria Derrick

    Brit, these tips are great! You are right one is better than none :) I love the invites, and. I’m looking forward to your posts to come.

  2. Jillian McGrath

    Loving this blog post!!! it would be so amazing if more brides tried to keep their weddings as green as possible! Great work and I’m sharing this with everyone <3

  3. Rhiannon

    Great post, Brit :) Love all of your Green ideas for a sure to be gorgeous and memorable wedding!

  4. Naomi

    Awesome post! Such great tips. It really isn’t that hard is it.! Thanks Brit and Erin~!

  5. Alicia {The Charity Wedding}

    Great tips! It is easier than ever to be eco-friendly with your wedding! I hope all Brides try to incorporate at least some of these tips in to their days!

  6. Katie

    I love these tips! Excited that you are a part of ELD posts now!

  7. Kristine {In Love, Engaged}

    Love these tips, Brit. They’re so practical and easy to do. I really hope the word spreads on eco-friendly weddings. I so admire your passion for it. Keep up the good work! :)

  8. Bruidsreportage

    Thank you for these green wedding tips. Will pass them on to a few brides-to-be coming week, when I will be meeting with them.

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