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[Editor’s note: Okay, okay, I know I’m straying from the “5 Things To Know About” series, but I just had to get this post out there first before talking about the individual details…]

Details details. If you haven’t noticed, it’s what I’m ALL about. It’s what I am 150% passionate about. I could talk your ear off about wedding details. DUH, the name of this site IS Every Last DETAIL. But not every bride has the innate ability to know what details she needs or how they should be done. Heck, I didn’t know for my OWN wedding- I just knew I wanted them! So let’s do a little “Wedding Detail 101”, shall we?

So what are wedding details?

Basically I consider wedding details anything that adds personality to a wedding. Anything that reflects you and your fiance, anything that makes a wedding look pretty, anything unique. The possibilities really are endless. There are some details that are pretty integral parts of a wedding, and then there are some that just kind of optional. But for the most part, in my world, you can’t have a wedding without these details…

– Invitations

– Bouquets

– Boutonnieres

– Centerpieces/Tablescape of some sort

– Cake

– Linens (including napkins)

And then you can eek out a wedding without these details, and some weddings don’t even need them, but I HIGHLY suggest having the following…

– Table numbers/names

– Escort cards or seating chart/method of some sort

– Menus

– Favors

– Drink accents (coasters, stirrers, special glass with names on them)

– Mr & Mrs chair decor

– Fun extra pieces of decor (banners, bunting, chandeliers, etc etc)

– Guestbook thingamagig…something for guests to leave their mark somehow and let you know they were there

– Signs

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How do you decide on wedding details?

Coming up with and deciding on wedding details is NOT an easy task. For some people it just comes easy. For some they cannot for the life of them thing of what to do. It helps if you know your wedding style and keep that in mind. It also helps to remember to keep your personalities in mind. You want your wedding to reflect you, and it’s going to do that with the details.

Don’t forget to look at the whole picture when coming up with your details. All too often there are details that juuuuust don’t quite go with a wedding. Like signature drinks inside mason jars for a glitz and glam elegant wedding. Eh, not so much. Signature drink mason jars for a casual outdoor wedding… DING DING DING! Get my drift? Keep in mind where your wedding is, what all of the other details are, and of course the STYLE of your wedding.


Okay, so now we’ve gotten all of the wedding detail “basics” out of the way! Now I can move on to the individual details for future posts! If you have any questions about all this, feel free to ask in the comments!

Need some ideas for wedding detail ideas? Browse through the Detail Gallery. I’m sure you’ll see something you like there! And if that doesn’t help you, I just might have a little something brewing at the ELD “headquarters” (aka my desk, couch, notebook, and brain) that will DEFINITELY help you out with your wedding details! ;)

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Thursday Tips: Why Every Wedding Needs DETAILS! via


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  1. Jenna @ Heartcarry Press

    Man, if I was getting married now, I’d be loving the heck out of these lists Lauren! So helpful. Can’t wait to see more about these!

  2. Colleen @ Soundtrack To I Do

    The details are the best part! Well, except the music. :) Looking forward to more posts about them!

  3. Chair Cover Hire

    Totally agree, it’s the finer details that make a wedding truely perfect! expecially the guestbook signing so you can look back and relive the day!

    just one thing you forgot – chair covers really can transform a room! so make you get your chair cover hire sorted proffesionally :)

  4. Jodi O (a Vendor)

    Great job on such a helpful post, thanks for the article!

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