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A few weeks ago I did a Thursday Tips post on to DIY or not to DIY for your wedding. In writing that post, it got me thinking about how there are certain things that better and easier to DIY than others. And then I thought about how I wish I had known those things, because then I wouldn’t have been up until 3am the night before my wedding with my best friend finishing my DIY menus. (Although yes, it was fun- we were also falling asleep towards the end but HAD to get them finished!) So here are some recommendations based on my experience of what to DIY and what not to DIY!

What To DIY

– Fun seating things

– Some types of paper products (Totally depends on your experience and skills, as well as the intricacy of the project and quantity.)

– Bride & Groom signs

– Special little details (cake topper, drink stirrers, etc)

– Favors (Depending on how many guests you have of course!)

– Sign in/guest book (There are so many cool things to do now for “guest book” alternatives! Just take a look at some of the past Detail To Love posts!)

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– Linens (For pete’s sake, please just rent linens. It’s such a waste of money to buy them or make them yourself- unless you want a very specific pattern or look, then that’s a different story!)

– Flowers (I know for a fact that flowers require different types of care- like how roses take longer than 24 hours to be pretty and open and tulips should stay cold. Unless you happen to have an aunt (or family member or friend) who is a florist, let’s leave this one to the pros.)

– Invitations & Paper Products (see above section regarding experience,etc)

– Food (Do you really want family members having to worry about making food the morning of your wedding? Another thing to just leave to pros.)


Of course there a few other things too, but these listed are generally what every wedding has. Essentially, the smaller the quantity when DIYing, the easier it will be. Unless you have an Army assembled- in that case, go for the gold. And keep in mind that even for the things that I’ve listed that are good to DIY, there will always be someone that you can work with who can do the “DIY” work for you! Heck, I do tons of DIY details for my brides, and I even have an Etsy shop for details- it’s not like it’s being mass produced, someone is still DIYing it all, it just might not be you. ;)

Anyone have experience in DIYing things for your wedding already? Help other brides and share your experience- what was good to DIY and what wasn’t?

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Lauren Grove is the editor and owner of Every Last Detail. A clueless bride-turned-wedding planner, Lauren uses her experiences and knowledge to educate and inspire brides all over the world.

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  1. shannon K.

    Ironically, my brother and his fiance are doing there own food! I think they would be the absolute exception rather than the rule. she is a pastry chef, and he is a chef. so he will do all the food in advance, and have people come to serve, etc the day of. Still a big task!

  2. Jackie P

    I had a lot of fun DIY-ing for my wedding! The majority of it was related to the decorations, and some things took wayyy longer than expected, but in the end TOTALLY worth it! I totally agree with the quantity advice – the fewer you have to make, the better! WE DIY-ed 1/2 our invites (we made pocketfolds & belly bands, and had the insert pieces designed & printed Separately, embellished votives, Table #’s, placeards, signage & metal signage holders, photobooth props (prob my favorite DIY – soo fun and you can get so creative with them!), paper poms, my birdcage veil.. I’m sure I’m leaving stuff out! But definitely be sure to plan out your projects so you aren’t crunched for time the week before your wedding!

  3. WrappedCouture

    I read the last post on DIY-ing and I liked that one too. I think it can be done if the project itself makes sense , you’re creative enough, and more IMPORTANTLY, you’ve scheduled the time to get in all done. More often than not, the execution overtakes the intent and the bride ends up rushing at the end or not being able to finish properly because her guest list was too large or because of improper planning.

  4. Jenna @ Heartcarry Press

    Great ideas Lauren! You’re so right- a lot of it depends on how many guest you’re having- and of course the time you have :)

  5. Kristine G.

    I am in full agreement here. I think it’s important to KNOW your limits when it comes to your wedding–this also applies to your budget (ahem). For us (and mind you, we’re still working on DIY projects and I assume we will be until the final week of our wedding), it’s helped to choose the big projects up front and focus our time and energy on those first. Step one, invitations. Step two, signs. Step three, programs. You get the point. Then, once the big things are accomplished, we can decide what little projects we want to take on–like, say, a photobooth. And asking for help is KEY. Especially if you have crafty friends/family. PS. I’m hoping and praying that I don’t have to be up until 3am the night before! Yikes! :)

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