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Well, in case you haven’t noticed, I love details. ;) In my chats with photographers, planners, brides, bloggers, and pretty much every person who says the word “wedding” to me, the term “details” almost always comes up. I’ve even had photographers show me a wedding saying, “Well they didn’t really have any details…” when the whole wedding was FULL of beautiful details!

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Once I stopped to think about it, I realized that I myself really had no idea what details were “back in the day” when I was planning my own wedding. Yes, I knew that there were certain things that I needed for my wedding, like centerpieces, bouquets, things that were necessities. But then again, there were also details that I had no idea about, and thus I was up until the wee hours the night before my wedding making them. Because I didn’t know. And most of all, I didn’t have anyone to tell me about them!

So I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve never really *actually* touched on what details ARE- I’ve always assumed that everyone just knows. So today, I’m all about the details (even more than I am every day)!

[Editor’s note: Remember- one person’s concept of details may be different from another person’s take on details. These are my own opinions on details. :) ] 

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In addition to knowing that I LOVE details, you probably also know that details are indeed a major topic in weddings. But it’s really pretty simple. Details are everything that make a wedding. [Note: When I use the word “wedding” I am referring to the celebration that follows the marriage of two people in love.]


… are what make a wedding unique. They set your wedding apart from your best friend’s wedding- that is at the same exact venue because you both loved it so much.

… allow you and your fiance to tell your story and infuse your relationship and personalities into your wedding- the wedding that is the celebration of your love.

… are what decorate and accent a wedding. Flowers, candles, chargers, linens, etc- the pretty things. :)

… are a theme and a style of a wedding. Vintage, peacock, modern, beach- I don’t care what the theme or style is, but details always help to define it.

… are things that enable your to remember your wedding day. Guest books, fun prints to sign, a card catalog of guests, etc.

… keep guests informed. Yep, informed. Invitations, menus, table numbers, signs… because let’s face it, there is A LOT of information you have to share with guests for a wedding!

… are ways for guests (and you, duh) to have fun, enjoy themselves, and celebrate your marriage. Specialty drinks, games, photo booths, candy- they’re all details!

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In a nutshell, details ARE the wedding. I really and truly think that no wedding is complete without details. The amazing thing about details though is that everyone has them, because so many details are things that you just have to have for a wedding to take place. The key is for those details to be reflective of you and your fiance. As I always say, you want your guests to walk into your wedding and say, “This is so your name here and your fiancé’s name here!” Make that your goal. :)

So now tell me what details you’re having (or already had) at your wedding that you’re most excited about! My favorite detail about my wedding, as you may know, was my olive oil and vinegar favors. ;) Okay, and GO!

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Thursday Tips: What Exactly ARE Details? via


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  1. Ruth

    That is such a good article – when you are planning the day you are so immersed in the details you don’t stop and realise that the obvious to you is a surprise to others, and attention to the details is indeed what can make a day utterly unique and special!

  2. Kate/MagnoliaRouge

    Great points Lauren! I’ll always be a details girl…. love first, but details follow closely behind :-)

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