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Happy Thursday loves! Well today I’m busy doing a little something special for you all, and it involves food and red flowers. And that’s all the hint you’ll get for about 2 weeks. ;) But I’m of course not going to leave you without some tips to soak up this Thursday!

Today I want to talk a little bit about your wedding expectations. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of expectations? How you want your wedding day to go, right? But think a little deeper than that. Even before your actual wedding day. You probably have expectations of what your planning experience will be like, right? Which also leads into expectations of what it’s like working with vendors too. Essentially expectations are also how you envision everything to be- which is a HUGE aspect of your wedding. So it’s safe to say that you’ll have LOTS of expectations when it comes to your wedding.

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So now let’s go back to the title of the post… what ARE your wedding expectations? It’s important to actually KNOW your expectations for your wedding because if you don’t pinpoint them, you won’t have the wedding of your “dreams”… aka the wedding that you want. ;)

Well, the key to fulfilling those expectations is to a) communicate them and b) make sure they’re realistic. Communicating your expectations and making sure that they’re realistic both go hand-in-hand. If you communicate what your expectations are with someone, they will most likely tell you if you’re off your rocker with what you’re expecting. ;) (Example: You want 300 guests with a budget of $10,000. Most likely not gonna happen.) So let’s just go over what types of wedding expectations you’ll need to be communicating:

Wedding Day Expectations

These expectations would be how you envision your wedding day to be. Share these with people who will be involved in your day- your fiance, bridal party, parents, vendors, family members, etc. Also, if there’s anything special you want to have happen on your wedding day, like favors at each placesetting, your dog at your ceremony, or a special dance with an uncle, communicate that! :)

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Wedding Planning Expectations

We all have this *idea* of what planning your wedding is like. It’s all rainbows and butterflies and SO MUCH FUN, right? And then you start planning, and you realize it’s a lot of work and stressful and oh-my-goodness-what-color-linens-should-I-choose. This is where having realistic expectations comes in handy. Ask friends about their own experieneces in planning their weddings. Ask your vendors if they have tips for you. Come read the posts on ELD- heck, ask me! ;)

Wedding Vendor Expectations

This could potentially be a whole other post all on it’s own. I’ve found that sometimes wedding pros don’t always live up to the expectation of brides. Whether it’s taking too long to respond to an email or not communicating the right shade of purple, it unfortunately can happen. This is the place where communicating and being realistic are both incredibly important. Ask your vendors what you should expect from them. Do they have specific office hours? Will your florist place the centerpieces on your table, or will she just drop them off? Will the catering staff cut your whole wedding cake, or do you have to have your planner do it? The truth of the matter is that you really have no idea WHAT to expect when working with vendors- you just know you want your wedding to be awesome. So just ask and communicate with them. Your expectations, once you know more, will be a lot more realistic that way. :)

Alright, so now that we have all of that out in the open… I want to know what your wedding expectations are! You can share any “type” of expectation, or even one that ended up not being fulfilled or realistic. Okay, I’ll start with what one of my wedding expectations was: I had the expectation on the day of the wedding that my photographer would stay by my side (for the most part) throughout the whole day. (Mind you, this didn’t end up happening, and it quite possibly could have been my own fault for not communicating that expectation!) So now it’s your turn….

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