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Ah, one of the biggest things talked about- shoes. And not just ANY shoes, your wedding day shoes. Wedding day shoes are a big deal now. It’s almost old-fashioned to go with white shoes that would normally be dubbed as “wedding shoes”. I say go for whatever you want. There are no rules for choosing your wedding day shoes. My favorite wedding shoes are unique and colorful, but that’s just me. I myself had boring brown shoes for my wedding day that were half a size too small because I was desperate to find shoes that didn’t make me taller than my 5’8 husband. I don’t recommend that (both half a size too small and taller than your husband). Oh, and my mom made me feel like it wasn’t okay to have colored shoes under my wedding dress. It IS okay. It’s fabulous. :)


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In fact, here’s what I do recommend: choose a pair of shoes that you already love. That you already wear. You already know that they’re comfortable. If you want to spruce them up, get a pair of shoe clips or bling them out.


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If you do end up buying a new pair (because let’s face it, we all want an excuse to buy new shoes): Wear them. Everywhere. Not just around your house for 2 days. All the time. Because I wore mine around my house for 2 days, and by the end of my wedding I was glued to a chair because I couldn’t stand up my feet hurt so bad.


So in a nutshell: do whatever you want for your wedding shoes, but wear them and make sure they’re *actually* comfortable! Any other advice some of you have? Experiences? What worked or what didn’t work?Ā 


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  1. Erin Buchanan

    What about flats? Would love your opinion on that!

    • Lauren @ Every Last Detail

      Ah yes, flats are OF COURSE a great wedding shoe option! Plus, there
      are SO many cute ones out now! Same goes for flats too though- wear
      them a lot to break them in. I have some pairs of flats that I can
      only wear for a few hours because they start to rub. :)

  2. Fiona

    I love flats! There are sooo many cute, colorful, and printed flats. I actually want height for my wedding, so I’m looking into heels (but a pair of flats as a backup for dancing). I LOVE the colored bow-tie heels, though. I wonder if they come in green?

  3. Erin Davenport

    I love that so many brides are embracing super fun shoes–colorful, sparkly, anything goes! I went with a more traditional ivory heel with sparkle that coordinted with my dress and even though they were just under 3″ I felt like I couldn’t take another step by the end of the night. Great advice to make absolutely sure they are comfortable!

  4. Kateoholic

    Tip: If you are wearing-in your heels around the house, wear socks with them. It will help to stretch them out a little bit and avoid any rubbing marks on your feet :)

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