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Trends. In my opinion, trends in weddings do AND don’t matter. Because let’s face it- what is trendy in California or New York becomes trendy elsewhere (like Florida) a good year later. Wedding vendors do try to stay on top of the latest “trends” so they’re able to pass the concepts along to brides. But what really truly determines a wedding trend? I have no idea. To me, your wedding should be whatever you want it to be. Because that’s my job- to make a bride’s wedding how SHE wants it, not how someone else thinks it should be.

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It’s been said that peacock feathers have been a trend lately…

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Many times, brides feel pressured to go along with the current wedding trends when planning their wedding. I know you are all looking at blogs and magazines for your inspiration, which is completely awesome because um yeah, I write one of those blogs! Think about this though- what is published in magazines and blogs could be months old, and maybe even a year old. So if your thought on what is trendy in weddings is based on what you saw in the first wedding magazine you bought when you got engaged a year ago, chances are good it’s no longer “trendy”. Or if you keep seeing the same Vintage Chic style weddings on blogs, what good does that do in providing you new inspiration? So really, who needs trendy?! I challenge you to do what YOU want for your wedding.

If what you want to do is one of the current trends, then by all means, go for it! But if you’re going to look back on the pictures of your wedding and wish you had done something else, then don’t do it. If you feel like you’re going with a certain style, colors or décor because its what everyone says you should do, then stop and reassess.

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Yellow & Gray has been “trendy” lately- but it’s MY favorite color combo. But in a year, will that make me untrendy? Because it will still be my favorite…

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Think about what you really want and how you want your wedding day to be. It can be anything- how you want to look or feel, who you want to be there, or what you want your wedding to look like. My recommendation when talking to brides who are trying to decide on things is this: If you’re going to think of nothing but that particular thing and you can’t imagine your wedding without it, then it’s worth having it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a trend or not. If it’s a reflection of you and your fiance, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with it! You want your wedding to be amazing and something to remember for the rest of your life (and hopefully your guests’ too)!

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{Thursday Tips} Trends and What YOU Want via


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{Thursday Tips} Trends and What YOU Want via

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  1. Jenni Bailey

    The opposite happens a lot, too. Brides refuse to use certain colors or details because they feel like it’s “been done” or, unfortunately, because their vendor tells them it has. The truth is that very few of your family members and guests have spent their year poring over magazines and blogs. They wont know or care how “played out” your theme is. No matter how many yellow and gray (for example) weddings there are, no two will ever be the same. And if you love something you love it.

    I feel like brides should have a “cooling off” period before making any major decisions. They should lock up the magazines and block the blogs for like two weeks and see if that changes their vision at all. If not then, by all means, go for it!

  2. Dognbird

    I agree, trends are great to inform but one should always follow their heart!

  3. Four Winds

    I completely agree, the design elements should also complement the reception/ceremony surroundings, while still infusing the couples style. Options are endless so, as d&b says, follow your heart!

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