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Today’s {Thursday Tips} is meant to be ALL about you and your fiance! Let’s be honest here. Some brides get a little too caught up in the wedding planning and forget what they’re actually planning for. It happens to lots of brides. Not everyone is the perfect work-full-time-and-plan-a-wedding-and-be-a-devoted-fiance-all-at-the-same-time. I’ll admit, I had a few moments when I had to remind myself that I was planning this wedding because I was getting MARRIED.


So today’s {Thursday Tips} is short, sweet, and a little reminder: Remember what this wedding is for- to begin your life with the person you love. After the wedding comes your marriage- which is so much more involved than the year of planning that you do for just one night. At the end of the night, you are MARRIED, and you are starting your life with the person who you can’t imagine life without!


And so, some advice from someone who’s been through it (me of course)…


– Be sure to set aside time to spend time together during your planning. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to waste a whole night browsing through blogs looking for wedding inspiration.


– Finding that you’re spending A LOT of time reading blogs? (It was a time-suck for me!) Use something like Google Reader to keep all of your favorites in one place. If you miss a day, it’s easy to see what you missed. And you can tag different posts with cool ideas you see so you can find them easily! It’ll definitely save you some precious time!


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– Even if you fiance says that he doesn’t care about something, he actually might. Still keep him in the know about decisions you’re making for the wedding. My husband said he didn’t care about the colors we had for our wedding. Then I ran some by him a few hours later, and he DEFINITELY had an opinion. :)


– Try make little dates out of your meetings with vendors. Go out to eat afterwards or leave an hour before your meeting and grab a coffee before. My husband only came to one meeting with me, but that one meeting was awesome. It’s always nice to spend the day together- so why not get things done at the same time?


So basically, just don’t forget that you’re getting MARRIED, not just having a wedding. :) Hope this will help you all! If you have any other tips to add that you’ve felt have helped (or did help) you in your planning, share it with us in the comments! Happy Thursday!


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 {Thursday Tips} Remember That You're Getting Married!  via


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Lauren Grove is the editor and owner of Every Last Detail. A clueless bride-turned-wedding planner, Lauren uses her experiences and knowledge to educate and inspire brides all over the world.

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  1. Becka Robinson

    Double true! We see so many couples that are lost in the details. Sometimes I just want to grab them and say “You’re getting MARRIED. Marriage! Take a moment for your relationship, the party is just a party.” ;)

  2. Serena

    Preparing for marriage and the ltr, living together etc etc is far more important than the wedding planning. Wedding details don’t excite me but planning out future together does.

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