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There are some “wedding myths” that have been going around for years that many brides I talk to think are true. The main one that inspired this post- linens.


Yes there are tons of options when it comes to linens. No, white linens are not cheaper than other colors. Speciality linens, yes. But a plain white polycotton linen is made of the same exact material that a plain pink or black or green linen is made of. Therefore, the same linen, just a different color, and thus, the same price. (I often wonder if this “myth” has been proliferated by our mothers, because my mom, her sister, and all of their friends seemed to think that this misconception was the truth.)


So if you’re trying to go the less expensive route, you don’t HAVE to have white linens. Your venue may provide them, but often times they don’t touch the floor and look plain awful. (Linen tip: a 60″ round table takes a 120″ linen to touch the floor; a 72″ round table takes a 132″ linen) And even if they do “provide” them, sometimes they’re renting them and the cost is within the price you’re already paying. It doesn’t hurt to ask. If it comes to it, it also doesn’t hurt to spend $100 on linens that will add style and color to your tables instead of ho-hum white.


Some examples of “not white” polycotton linens that MADE the table….


{Thursday Tips} Myths and Truths About Linens via

Photo by Kristen Weaver Photography


{Thursday Tips} Myths and Truths About Linens via

Photo by Limelight Photography, Design by MMD Events


{Thursday Tips} Myths and Truths About Linens via

Photo by Limelight Photography, Design by MMD Events


See? You can still have affordable, polycotton linens without having to sacrifice the style and design of your wedding! Imagine if any of these tables had white linens- the whole look for every single table would have been completely lost. And of course there are also gorgeous speciality linens, but that’s a different post!


So the myth has been crushed! White linens are NOT the cheapest option- unless one of your colors is white of course. :)


Editor’s update: Since this post has been published, some readers have been asking where they can find these linens that are the same price. I personally use Connie Duglin Linen, which ships all over the country. Hope this helps!


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{Thursday Tips} Myths and Truths About Linens via


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  1. Jemma Coleman

    This myth is true some places – I have a bride now who wanted black, but they charge extra to rent them. Are you talking purchasing, or buying? And where is the place to rent them that colors are the same cost? I would love to pass on that info!

    <3 Jem

    • Lauren

      I’m talking renting linens. Some venues OWN white linens, especially if they serve dinner on a regular basis, but those are pretty nasty sometimes. I DON’T recommend buying linens because there is hardly ever anything to do with them after you’re done, and it’s ridiculous to have them cleaned. And I added the place where I rent my linens from! :)

  2. Jaime

    Great post! I love a good wedding myth buster! :) I was able to get gorgeous aqua and turquoise linens for my wedding at the same cost as white–the effect was stunning!

  3. Sarah Kate

    Great post & so true! I may be biased but the peach linens are quite lovely… ;-)

  4. Tiffany @ Events Luxe

    HA, that’s funny that you say it may be a myth perpetuated by our mothers. Because my mother, no matter what I say, insists that buffets are cheaper than any other meal option and that’s the only reason people get them. Thoughts in the head since the 50s can’t just be forgotten ;o)

    PS I too like Connie Duglin Linen. Lots of selection there! We have a lot of wonderful linen vendors locally in St Louis as well.

  5. Karry

    Great post, Lauren. There are many misconceptions regarding linens. We work with several linen companies, and selections are based upon the design the client has envisioned as well as the budget parameters. You can rent poly-cotton linens in a variety of colors without breaking the bank. That said, we have had clients purchase linens in some cases because they were actually less than renting, but those have been cases where they were using something other than a poly-cotton. And I have to say that a nice, crisp white linen looks fantastic when used on tables on a green expanse of lawn outdoors or under a tent. Color can come from the surrounding environment or through the actual tablescape.

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