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Well, it’s Thursday again! :) Last week when writing the “5 Things To Know About… Wedding Planners” post, I tweeted asking wedding planners what they wanted brides to know about working with them (them being wedding planners). I ended up getting a ton of great things, and so I thought I would share some of the tidbits, Twitter-style (aka 120 characters or around there- for the most part)…

– Find a planner first, and then let her or him contact venues and vendors on your behalf. It always works better that way.

– Your wedding is all about YOU! Find a planner that focuses on your needs, your budget, your style! Then you will have all the best vendors that are your style and in your budget!

– Make sure you find a planner that is focused on planning your big day, not their own.

– Planners are your “wedding advocate and advisor”. In other words- they have your back and they know how to be there for you.

– Your planner should be someone that you trust and are confident in. You should feel comfortable discussing your ideas and wishes for your wedding with your planner.

– We have your interests at heart.  We will make suggestions and recommendations to help make your day memorable and stres-free.

– We do not work 24 hours a day. More like, we are not available to take your calls and emails 24 hours a day. We have office hours just like any other business would. (Which of course goes along with all other wedding vendors in general)

– You get what you pay for. More experience = Better knowledge of who, how, why and why not.

– Planners are experts and should know all of the options of the industry. We love knowing about hidden venues, the tastiest caterers, and boutique shops and markets that carry everything to make your wedding unique.

– Venue & site coordinators do not do what independent planners & designers do. Keyword: independent.

– I’m there until the last guest leaves and the gifts have been packed in the car. You hired me to make sure everything runs smoothly, and I will be there to send you off.

– We’re professionals for a reason…and we usually have some tips, advice, expertise on the matter, otherwise we wouldnt suggest it.

– A wedding planner is like a movie producer for your wedding, making sure every detail gets done perfectly from the beginning. A Wedding Coordinator is like a movie director, making sure that your vision comes through in the finished product. Neither a producer or director does her best work on a movie if she is brought in at the end; both jobs need preparation & time. To get the job done right, bring the producer/director on as early as possible in the “project” and solicit their input! It can help you to make good decisions that will save time and money, and can ensure that you have the wedding YOU want.


So there you have it- straight from the wedding planners’ mouths! I didn’t mention who said what, as to keep a little bit of a neutral base, but thank you to all who contributed their insight! :)


If any of you brides have ANY questions about wedding planners, please share them in the comments! Myself and all of my planner friends want to answer them and help you! Ask away! :)

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  1. jacin {lovely little details}

    love this, “Make sure you find a planner that is focused on planning your big day, not their own.” is hilarious and so true.

  2. Kristin @ Bona Fide Bride

    Great advice! I completely agree with bringing in a planner early on in the process. We can save a lot of time, money, and frustration by recommending the best wedding professionals within your budget. When we are brought on later in the planning process, there’s only so much we can do when Giuseppe’s Fist Pumpin’ DJ Service (whom we wouldn’t have recommended) starts dropping the F bomb, or when your budget limo reeks of cigarette smoke and the 1980’s. A wedding planner is the best first step you can make when deciding on wedding professionals.

  3. Jenna @ Heartcarry Press

    LOVE this one! It’s like when they do those “what your doctor wants you to know” articles :) So awesome to get this insider’s advice!

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