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Having a wedding planner is something that I haven’t touched on for a while– I actually thought that I had already written this post, but I guess I just keep thinking about it and therefore think I write it! Anyone and everyone can and SHOULD have a wedding planner. Whether it’s throughout the whole wedding planning process or just the month before your wedding, just have one.

There are SO many planners out there, and they all have different personalities and packages- someone is bound to be perfect for you! And I hate to say this, but there are still planners who are relatively inexpensive (basically they don’t make ANY money on your wedding for the amount of work they do, but they still keep their prices super low to book a good volume of weddings) that just about anyone can afford.

I can’t tell you how many times I reminded a recent bride of mine about things and her response every time was, “OMG, thank you! I would have never even thought of that!” Her wedding was planned and executed in a little under 6 months, so she never really had an opportunity to buy the wedding planning books and magazines, read blogs and revel in being engaged. She jumped headfirst into her planning, and was so happy that I was there to guide her along. Her menus, her favors, meal indicators on her favors, her guest book- these were just some of the things that I asked her about that she would have completely forgotten! I know lots of you are well educated on weddings and such, but there’s always something that you just might not be sure about- like how to cut your cake, or when to throw your bouquet. A planner is there to answer those questions for you and guide you along.

Recently I saw a post that a bride wrote after her DIY wedding saying that she just never really considered all of the work that went into actually setting up and cleaning up her wedding, and she regrets not having someone to help her do this. I mean, do you really want to meet your family and friends back at your venue the day after your wedding to clean up? It doesn’t sound very appealing. This is where a planner would come in. He or she *should* set up everything and clean up (aka collect all of the stuff that you provided, made, and slaved over for the wedding), leaving you to sleep in and enjoy your first day as husband and wife. Sounds like a good plan, right?

I’ve said this before, but the venue coordinator won’t be there to do the things I mentioned above. When venues say that you get a “day of coordinator” for your wedding, ask them what that entails. Your day of coordinator’s primary focus should be you, and making sure you’re happy, stress-free, and walking down the aisle. Most venue coordinators are there to look out for the venue’s best interest, not yours. Just consider this: If something goes wrong with the setting of the tables or the food, he or she is not going to be by your side- they’ll be in the kitchen, straightening things out. But what if this happens 10 minutes before you’re scheduled to walk down the aisle, and you’re counting on them to run your ceremony? At that point, you’ll see through the venue’s veil of promises, and regret not hiring your own planner.

Pricing for planners in every market have incredibly varied price ranges. Do some research- everyone can have a wedding planner! Just think of how much more awesome your wedding will be if you have a planner, and how much stress and sanity you will save! Ask just about any bride who had a planner or didn’t have a planner. The general consensus would be that they’re either thankful they had a planner, or regret not having one. Don’t think that people who have wedding planners have a huge budget and 300 person weddings. It’s just not true. Wedding planners exist to help brides execute their weddings, and it doesn’t matter how large or small the wedding is or what the budget is. You’ll save yourself time, money and sanity- trust me! EVERYONE CAN HAVE A WEDDING PLANNER! So now go find YOURS!


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Founder & Editor at Every Last Detail
Lauren Grove is the editor and owner of Every Last Detail. A clueless bride-turned-wedding planner, Lauren uses her experiences and knowledge to educate and inspire brides all over the world.

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  1. Jennifer

    I am so thinking of hiring a planner. I just want my day to go without me getting the headaches about what might go wrong. And I figure it would help the ceremony and reception to be organized. Thanks for this push even more!

  2. Amy

    I totally agree. A planner keeps your day running smoothly, let’s you relax and enjoy your day, and often even saves you money.

  3. weddinginvitationkits

    I agree. This is such a special event and the bride needs to be able to enjoy the process. Stress levels during this time can go off the charts resulting in a bridezilla.

  4. Carrie

    Can I just copy this verbatim and spread it to my brides and all future brides on the planet? :)

  5. Wedding registry

    Even though not as many people are getting married, according to various statistical sources, those who are getting married are older. That means, that generally they are more established and therefore have more money to spend on that special day. It also means they are so busy with work, they probably don’t have time to spend planning a wedding. That’s where a wedding consultant comes in.

  6. yara

    I couldn’t agree more. I thought I could pull it off myself and with my mother. But when 2 weeks before our wedding she confessed that she really wanted to get one in order to enjoy the wedding itself rather than attend to details and I was very meticulous… I was sold! I was able to find an amazing planner that even worked with me on price. We would’ve been lost without her. I neevr thought about bringing a flower girl’s basket, and guess what, she traveled with one in her car!

  7. Samantha - Oh So Perfect Weddings and Events

    Brilliant post Lauren – and as a wedding planner myself, I can not echo this enough! It upsets me that so many people still think that a wedding planner is a luxury service intended only for big budget, big guest list weddings and costs a lot of money to hire – not at all! Thank you for posting this and helping to spread the message that a wedding planner can be your wedding best friend whatever your budget and however much control you wish to have in the planning, and most importantly the ‘coordination’ of your special day xx

  8. Krista Borchard - Event Identity

    Lauren, this is a wonderful post. You have well-worded what every planner and coordinator tries to depict to their clients. Thank you for spending the time to compose this!

  9. Lindsay Dickinson-Lindsay rachael events

    WOW! Thank you for posting this lauren! I have heard so many times that having a planner/coordinator is a luxury. It doesn’t have to be! I customize packages for the couple and their needs, every couple is different and so are their weddings. Thanks again!

  10. Bitchless Bride


    Even a “month of” coordinator can mean the different between a good day and a perfect day… And we are talking about your wedding day brideys, so it had better be perfect… just sayin’…


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