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Ah, there’s that word… “unique”. It seems like it’s all over the place when it comes to weddings. I myself have a love/hate relationships with it. At times, I may even find myself wincing when I hear the word “unique”. I know I definitely did when I was planning my wedding. For me, it almost felt like it was a chore to come up with something unique. I desperately wanted there to be something unique about my wedding. I think I Googled “unique wedding ideas” countless times, coming up with NADA. And yes, there were times that the thought crossed my mind that my wedding was going to suck because it wasn’t “unique” enough. But you know what? Unique is really just a word, and depending on how you interpret it, it can encourage you to do awesome things!

Which leads me to this FACT: every wedding is unique! I don’t care where it is, how much money you do or don’t have, what season it is, or what shoes you’re wearing- every wedding IS unique in it’s own way. How is every wedding unique? Because every bride and groom is unique. Every couple has their own story, and that story needs to be told in some way, shape or form at your wedding.

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Whenever I’m designing a wedding’s details, ultimately I look for the little things… and they usually have nothing to do with the wedding itself. How you met, a hobby that you’ve taken up together, a favorite team, favorite food, a special place, etc. They’re the things that have “written” the story of your relationship… all of the “chapters” if you want to think of it like that. And so here’s a huge wedding design tip… if your wedding is created and designed around your story as a couple, it is without a doubt going to be unique!

If you’re anything like me when I was planning, it may be hard for you to think of something that seems “unique” about your story right away. (Or maybe not, and you are super awesome and already know right off the bat! Yay!) It helps if you literally tell your story. Tell a friend (or your planner) or just write it all down and then read it later. There are most likely things in your story that will stand out to you, but initially you don’t even realize they’re there. And don’t hold back, because just about everything is fair game! Some of the most awesome weddings are ones with totally off-the-wall-how-did-they-come-up-with-that themes… and they’re always incredibly personal things about the bride and groom!

Thursday Tips: Every Wedding Is Unique! via TheELD.comVia ELV paper pro, Ten Four Paper

It should really be a no-brainer to design your wedding around your relationship, but for sometimes we get so caught up in the need of being unique that we can forget that we’re all unique in our own ways. I think that since there is SO much awesome inspiration out there, it doesn’t always immediately occur to us to go that route.  And so, I encourage you all to design your wedding so that it tells the story of you and your fiance. Tell your story so that your guests walk in to your wedding and say, “Yep, this is definitely your name here and your fiance’s name here wedding!” Just remember this… every wedding is unique because it’s telling the story of the bride and groom! It’s just a matter of choosing HOW you want to tell it! :)

So now tell me… how are you incorporating your story into your wedding? Do you have any specific ideas yet, or do you need some help deciding on what to implement?


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  1. Ruth (@MyLoveWeddRing)

    That is all so very true, and so well put, the pressure on brides & Grooms for their wedding to be unique is huge, when really, all you need to be is yourself, that is the very thing your friends and family (and husband/wife to be) love!

  2. WrappedCouture {Lissahn}

    I couldn’t agree more! I’ve said time and time again that the details tell the story and that’s what make your wedding different from the next.

  3. Erica Stawick

    Great post! 4+ years removed from my own wedding, I love that family & friends are still talking about our wedding and how much it was so “us”. Nothing we did was earth shattering or super innovative but we had lots of touches that were very representative of us as individuals & a couple and I always love it when I get to help clients achieve the same with their weddings :)

  4. Rhiannon

    That paper suite above? Pretty much amazing. I love the colours and illustrations used :) By aside from that great post, Lauren! I too wanted to be unique. Or so unique. But I think what’s important to remember is a wedding isn’t just a bouquet, or a couple, or a striped straw or table linen. It’s a combination of all of these things, these details, the bride and groom’s personalities and friends and family, coming together to create a unique, a truly unique, celebration :)

  5. Stacie Shea EveNts

    I recognize that paper amazingness anywhere. That is ten four paper…Love her work..SIMPLY AWESOME!!!!!!

  6. Brit Tucker Stewart

    Yes and yes. Every wedding is unique and should be. Sure, couples may pick and choose details they may have seen, but as Rhi points out above, it’s the culmination of everything. The sum of the parts that makes the experience unique and truly personal.

    and, rhi – those fabulous invites were designed by a dear friend of mine – so excited to see her get a little love today!

  7. Julie Goette

    Thank you so much for including my invites! I’m a huge advocate for unique weddings and this is such a great post!!! :)

  8. Victoria

    This is great advice! I just got engaged (yay!!!!) and now I have to start thinking about a wedding, and I don’t know where to begin. But I like the idea about writing down our story. I think I’ll start there and see where it takes me. Thank you! :)

  9. Shari

    my fi and i are really into broadway, but i don’t want our wedding to become too cheezy like a bar-mitzvah (bway theme could definitely go that direction!).

    How do we incorporate broadway while still staying classy??

    • Lauren Grove

      Shari, Broadway is awesome! You’re right it could turn a little mitvah-ish, but there are definitely still ways you can incorporate it. I would incorporate Broadway into your details- to where it’s more subtle and not so in-your-face. Your paper goods would be the perfect place to infuse some Broadway… from the invitations all the way to your menus and table numbers (or names)! Try using that thought process when you’re coming up with the style and design of your wedding- a classy wedding with subtle Broadway details. :)

  10. Sarti

    The color are bit unconventional but that’s the thing i love the most. Keep it interesting, unique and easy to remember. Daring but effective.

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