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Cutting costs. It’s a phrase that I hear a lot. I cringe every time I hear it, because it never results in something extremely good. However, brides are constantly having to cut costs in order to best accommodate their budget. So here a few ways to efficiently cut costs that won’t totally take away from your wedding.


– Guest count. Just about EVERYTHING for your wedding is directly correlated to your number guests. 200 guests= 20 tables= 20 linens= 20 centerpieces= 200 meals= open bar for 200 people for X number of hours. Lower that number of guests, and you lower all of those numbers, cutting out hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars. Don’t have much to spend? Just have a wedding with 50 of your closest family and friends. A little ceremony in a park, and a reception in a restaurant or someone’s backyard. You can still make it nice. And then have a celebration party for everyone else later on, and they won’t be expecting everything that they expect with a wedding.


– Spending. You don’t need to go to a craft store as soon as you’re engaged and buy everything that you think you might possibly need. It’s amazing how all of that adds up. You can rent just about everything big that you’ll need. Wait until you’re closer to the wedding to buy things that you’ll need. And even then, reconsider.


– Centerpieces. As much as I hate to say this, the truth is, flowers cost a lot. It’s mostly because you really can’t get discounted flowers- they cost what they cost. And let’s face it- centerpieces are a HUGE part of a wedding. If you can’t cut down on guests, do half large centerpieces and half small centerpieces. Or even switch to all small centerpieces- if they’re done right, they’ll still be beautiful. Those are always great cost cutting maneuvers. You could even do candle centerpieces made of pretty pillar candles and votives. But please- I beg you- no mirrors!


In relation to all of this, be sure to read last week’s Thursday Tips- “Don’t Settle“. You really don’t want to look to cut costs when it comes to your vendors or your whole wedding overall, because then you’re not going to get what you want and have envisioned for forever. As much as I’m not a fan of cutting costs, I know it has to happen very often. So if it does have to happen, start with these things and then move on from there.

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  1. Audrey

    These are really great tips, especially on spending too early. You are so right on that. There’s a great book that has been helping me plan my wedding you might enjoy by Giulia Macchia called, “The “W” Day.” I would like a nice wedding, but not a huge debt to pay for it. What I love about the book is that the author showcases beautiful weddings, but also shows you how to recreate them on a budget.

  2. Erica

    I second – NO MIRRORS!

    Awesome tips, and of course pointing out the the guest count affects almost EVERY aspect of your wedding budget.

    Great article Lauren.

    • Lauren

      Thank you Erica my love! :)

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