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So you’re looking for wedding inspiration- as just about everyone who reads blogs is doing. And about 90% of what you see is vintage in some shape or form. We all love the vintage weddings that are outside next to a lake that have awesome DIY details. They’re fun and pretty. But you just don’t think it’s right for you- and remember, not everyone can have a wedding like that. And- honestly- I really do love them, but I’m getting kind of sick of them.


Whether it’s the weather (Being in Florida, outdoor weddings RARELY happen here), venue availability (if you’re in a major city, are your guests really going to want to travel 2 hours to that farm?), or money (Don’t let them fool you- they’re not always cheap weddings), there are lots of reasons why not everyone can have an outdoor vintage DIY wedding. But remember this- your wedding can still be awesome if it’s not JUST like the majority of weddings that are floating around the internet and in magazines. Because it’s YOUR wedding.


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Here’s what I propose: strive to have your wedding NOT be like the majority of weddings that are out there.


Think about what makes YOU tick, not what blogs and magazines say is cool. Nothing is “out of style” when it comes to your wedding. Just take time to gather your inspiration and figure out what you REALLY like. Go through everything saved in your inspiration folder every now and then weed out the things that are cool, but just aren’t YOU. Your only concern when designing your wedding should be making sure your wedding is YOU. Oh, and that you have awesome details so your photographer (or you) can submit it to ELD! ;)


Editor’s edit: I just want you all to know that this post is not meant to diss vintage in any way, shape, or form. I myself am obsessed with vintage! And I totally know that vintage aspects can be special to brides for different reasons, and often times that’s why they’re used. However, sometimes some brides need a little encouragement that it’s okay to not do what lots of other people are doing. Because honestly, I myself would have been that bride (if I was planning my wedding with all of the great inspiration that is out there now). And so with that said, this post was written to support and encourage brides to be themselves when designing their wedding- whether it’s classic, modern, vintage, or anything else! :)

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Thursday Tips: Be YOU! via


Founder & Editor at Every Last Detail
Lauren Grove is the editor and owner of Every Last Detail. A clueless bride-turned-wedding planner, Lauren uses her experiences and knowledge to educate and inspire brides all over the world.

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  1. Michelle Loretta

    I’m soooo with you! So tired of vintage/farm/shabby chic weddings… don’t get me wrong, they are REALLY beautiful… but at this point, they lack creativity. I’m feeling the same way I did in 2006/2007 about chocolate brown.

  2. Alexandra @ bWed Exclusive

    So, so true!! While the vintage-DIY/shabby/chic/farm weddings are beautiful to look at and amazing all around… they’re everywhere!! And they’re starting to blend together. I agree with you 100% on making your wedding YOU! Great advice on going through your portfolio and wedding out what’s cool, but not really you!

  3. Kate@CPW

    Excellent post! Isn’t it ironic that vintage weddings are so popular right now because they’re trendy? Or maybe because it LOOKS easy to pull off, but all those “perfectly imperfect” diy-looking elements require just as much attention to detail as more tailored styles.

  4. PalmBride

    Amen! I am sick to death of Barns, Haybales and Jelly Jars!. Let’s move on people.

  5. Claire Gallam10

    I agree with you 100% here, but just because a bride is doing vintage doesn’t mean she’s abadoning who she is. I’m having a vintage inspired outdoor wedding not Bc it’s trendy but Bc that’s who I am and what makes me tick. I really hope my wedding doesn’t just blend together. Although some brides are just going with the mold- some just are old souls who wanted a vintage wedding way b4 smp said they were pretty :) but I think your point is so valid- many brides get soo lost invoice they forget who they are. You know?

    • Claire Gallam10

      Get so lost in blogs- not invoice. Stupid autocorrect!

  6. jacin

    i’m going to stir the pot with claire :)
    i used mason jars in my wedding not because they’re “shabby chic”, but because i grew up canning with my grandmother and wanted to honor her in my special day, as she passed away just months before.
    so what i’m saying is, even though some things may seem like a trend, they might hold special meaning to others and might not be trying to fit in to a certain theme (ex. vintage)
    love this post though because it got me thinking!

  7. Naomi

    You know…I have to agree with Jacin…I think it holds special meaning to use old lace, a vintage sewing box etc. As a wedding planner, I do not want to do a vintage wedding every time but there are other types of vintage. For example, Art Deco, 18th Century French, Flappers (1920’s) New Look etc. Let’s not be quick to say that the bride is not being as you put it “you”. Maybe those touches are for a bigger and more special reason. As a planner will you turn down a wedding that wanted vintage touches incorporated? I don’t think so.

    • Lauren @ Every Last Detail

      Okay everyone, this post isn’t meant to diss vintage in any way shape or form. I myself am obsessed with vintage! And I totally know that vintage aspects can be special to brides and that’s why they’re used.
      But sometimes some brides need a little encouragement that it’s okay to not go along with what lots of other people are doing. Because I would have been that bride if i had known about all of the fab inspiration out there! This was all meant to be more for support than calling out vintage. :)

  8. Eden

    I’m tired of vintage weddings – in fact any wedding vintage or not – that don’t have some relevance to the couple. I love the weddings where a bride’s hobby (collection of vintage of antique tins) are highlighted or items that speak to an absent loved one. We included cookbooks that I grew up with and that my gram, mom, and aunts cooked from.

  9. Helen Driscoll

    Lauren + Alexandra — yes yes yes — way too many vintage DIY weddings are blurring together. Distressing, because rustic is probably my favorite style.

    It doesn’t help that many are shot and edited in such similar photographic styles. I’ve also noticed that most of the shots are detail shots — and I think that many of the details would get lost in the actual event.

    The design of some weddings are scaled properly – especially when art directed and designed by a talented pro. Those include really great lighting, and good set direction with food displays, etc.

    Some of the truly(ie bride as novice designer) DIY vintage weddings I’ve seen online would look a bit too comely in real life. the close up shots look fine, but I put myself into the space, in some of these photos, and I ‘feel’ that the overall effect is just too plain.

    It takes a deft hand and eye to create shabby chic and not sort of cheesy looking.

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