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It’s Thursday! Yay, time for another Thursday Tips post! This week I thought I would touch on some guidelines for wedding seating. Seating is my absolute favorite detail- there are so many fun, unique ways to do it, plus it keeps things in order and less chaotic. However, seating is also my biggest pet peeve when I see it done wrong- because you see, the point in having assigned tables/seats is to prevent confusion and keep things moving smoothly and efficiently. And I’ve seen seating done not-so-efficiently a lot lately!

So let’s just review why to do assigned seating (you can find more detailed information in this post):

– To prevent mass chaos from happening as guests decide where their sitting

– To keep things running smoothly

– To keep some guests away from other guests for fear of them killing each other (it’s never actually happened, but you know what I mean!)

– To prevent overcrowding at tables

– To make serving meals easier (if doing a plated meal)

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Okay, so now that we have that out of the way, let’s move on to some simple, yet important guidelines!

PREP! I know it’s tough to do seating ahead of time, since you need to have all of your RSVPs in to do it completely. But do as much prep as you can! Use an Excel document, a handwritten list, or create a giant chart with each table and guest names (kind of like a game). Do whatever you think will work for you because trust me, it’s a process and it takes a lot of brain power! :) Oh and in case you’re not sure about how many people fit at a table: 8 to 10 for a 60″ round table, 10 to 12 for a 72″ round table, 6 for a 6′ table, and 8 for a 8′ table.

TWO (or more) HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE! I highly recommend having at least one other person help you out when it comes time to place guests at tables. (If you’re like me, you’ll have memory lapses and not even remember who people are.) It would be ideal to have someone from both “sides” of the guest list helping out. Make a night out of it! :)

ALPHABETIZE! Seriously, it’s the biggest DO for assigned seating! Whether you’re doing cards or a chart or items, arrange all guest names alphabetically! I have seen way too many seating displays done by table number (or table name), and that just causes confusion! Joe and Susie are going to spend forever looking for their names under each and every table number. Keep it simple- keep it alphabetical!

DISPLAY! Definitely have your seating be some sort of display- whether it’s a chart, or on a table front and center when guests are going into the reception. You don’t want your guests to miss it!


That pretty much covers it! Like I said- simple, yet so important. Especially the last two, because those are what determine the efficiency of guests finding their seats. If you have any other guidelines that worked well for you, please share with us in the comments!

{If you’re looking for some seating inspiration, check out the Escort/Seating Inspiration Gallery and my Pinterest board!}

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  1. Ruthie Turner

    GREAT blog!! I feel that this is a great way to keep the event and everyone in order.

    You gave a lot of great advice on how to.


  2. Jess@Destinationinspirations

    The seating is such an important topic – it was my biggest night mare lol this is such great advice to make it all go smoothly

  3. Jenna @ Heartcarry Press

    Great tips Lauren! I was wondering if I was the only one who thought “that looks confusing…” when the displays are by table number :) Alphabetical is definitely the way to go!

  4. Orlando Wedding Videographer

    I am planning my wedding now and this was very helpful. Never thought about how putting them in alphabetical order would assist!

  5. Sandra Downie @ The White Library

    You really need to stay organized when it comes to seating your guests. Makes everyone happy. Great Post!

  6. Kristine {in love, engaged}

    Great post, Lauren. We’re working on our seating chart right now and after reading your advice decided we’d better do it alphabetically. So, thank you for saving us some hassle! :)

  7. Wrapped Couture

    You nailed every pet peeve I have about seating at events. People always search for their names alphabetically but when it comes to weddings and events, tend to forget to organize that way. This was an awesome post and I thank you for writing it!

  8. Melina

    Another great article! I love that you provided the number of guests for the size of the table. I remember being a bride trying to figure out how many tables I needed and I just guessed!

  9. Kismet

    i really wish we had the concept of sitting down dinners in india-it is so much more organised and less chaotic.people generally eat when they want and just stand around because the tables are never enough! I know it probably sounds really random but it works and everyone is happy and doesn’t know better.I tried having a sit down dinner for my engagement-didn’t work out at all! but i least i tried :)
    Sorry for this loooong comment! great tips btw !

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