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I’m still without Internet at my new house, which means less photo-pretty posts this week, and more wordy posts! For today’s Thursday Tips I thought I would share some advice, suggestions, and tips from other vendors. I sent out some tweets to my followers, asking them for their contributions for you all, and compiled them all here!


“If you have amazing details at your reception allow time for your photographer to photograph them before guests arrive.” —-Via @amyraePHOTO

“Hire a good professional photographer to capture those memories! It’s worth all the money!” —-Via @EmiciBridal

“For photos: Be sure to view an entire wedding to see consistent results not just your photogs highlight reel” —-Via @ardentphoto

“Brides & grooms should a) BE EXCITED, not stressed; b) be true 2 THEMSELVES as a couple when planning; & c) hire a pro!” —- Via @EventsLuxe

“Remember your guests when planning your wedding, and keep down time limited. They’re there to celebrate & have fun, too!” —- Via @ohsoglam

“Do a first glance, buy cool shoes, hire a real DJ or band, feed vendors, be nice to your family, you don’t have to have a veil” —- Via @ashleybrockinto

“Keep it simple and make the decisions YOU want to make. Don’t let someone talk you into something you don’t want.” —- Via @ScribblesNSuch

“Ask vendors you’ve booked to refer you to the ones you haven’t. We know what DJ’s get people on the dance floor and whose flowers will wilt before the reception. And ask for references of past clients!” —- Via CSE Photography

Ā “Having a trial run with your makeup artist will make your day so much easier. MOB’s makeup is 2nd most important” —- Via @hopewhenderson

Have any more tips to share? Feel free to add them in the comments! Happy Planning! :)


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{Thursday Tips} Advice From Vendors via


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{Thursday Tips} Advice From Vendors via

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  1. Bethany

    Be You. There is nothing that makes a bride more beautiful than when she is personifying her own style. I feel a bride looks her best when the accessories serve to complement, rather than create, her inner beauty and glow.

  2. Phyllis Cheung

    Good luck moving Lauren! Can’t wait for you to come back! :)

  3. Gayle

    Enjoy your time while engaged. That nervous excitement and pure exhilaration are things to be enjoyed, so try not to be in too much of a hurry to get the wedding!

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