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It IS Thursday after all, so I felt like being extra educating today with a second Thursday Tips post! When I started writing this particular “5 Things To Know About…” post, I realized that each of these tidbits should really be their own giant involved posts. So I tried to keep them short and sweet (hard for me to do, I know) and in the future I’ll have an experienced floral designer write more about all of these! :)

1. Flexibility. The flowers are probably going to be the most fickle part of your wedding, because they’re dependent on NATURE. Yes, that’s right, flowers used in weddings really are REAL and once grew on a plant. [EXAMPLE: Last year there was a volcano eruption in Europe. Well, lots of pretty, springy flowers come from Holland, and because of the volcano dust, planes were grounded. Meaning that certain flowers that only came from Europe couldn’t be flown over to the US successfully- for like 2 weeks. And that was just my personal experience with like 2 varieties of flowers.] With all that said, if you give your florist flexibility in the types of flowers that he or she can use, you really won’t have to worry. Just give a specified color that you want, if you HAVE to have roses, make sure they know, and then that’s it! You don’t have to choose every single variety of flower that is going to be at your wedding. That’s what you have a professional for. :)

2. Availability. Flowers aren’t all available at the same time of year in the same areas. Peonies are super popular for weddings, but they’re only available in a certain time frame. If you’re not having a Spring or early Summer wedding, you can most likely cross peonies off your list.

3. Prep. Flowers take SO MUCH prep. Florists spend DAYS leading up to a wedding prepping flowers. Different varieties of roses take different amounts of time to open to a full, beautiful rose. Some flowers need to stay in cool air so they don’t start wilting. There is SO MUCH to be considered with flowers- so wouldn’t you rather let a florist handle it? If you’re DIYing your flowers, stick to the most basic and hardiest flowers, and get them a few days ahead of time.

Thursday Tips: 5 Things To Know About... Flowers via

Photo by Kristen Gardner, Bouquet by Holly Heider Chapple via The Full Bouquet

4. Floral Designer. As the amazing Holly Chapple told me, “An excellent wedding floral designer should be able to interpret the brides vision and bring it to life.  A professional designer should also be able to either execute a bride’s exact wishes without interjecting their own design style or be able to take the lead creatively if the bride would prefer to leave the designing up to a professional. Designers that can combine being good listeners as well as be creative are the very best.”

5. There is so much more to flowers than you initially think. It’s not just bunching flowers together to achieve the perfect arrangement or bouquet. It’s about blending colors, sizes of blooms, etc. It doesn’t happen right away, because it’s an art. It can take hours for a bouquet to be made, and the same goes for an arrangement.


Wow that bouquet is my new favorite. LOVE the colors that are used in it! If anyone has any other things to know about flowers or florists, feel free to add in your tidbits in the comments! :) Happy Thursday!


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Thursday Tips: 5 Things To Know About... Flowers via


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Thursday Tips: 5 Things To Know About... Flowers via

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  1. Glamour and Grace

    Great tips! I found it very hard to find a floral designer that was creative and inspired, I knew exactly what I wanted, but would have loved professional suggestions and all anyone would give me is this kind of rose or that. It was like pulling teeth to get them to understand. Finding someone who understands your vision and can bring fresh ideas to the table is key. Everything about my wedding was perfect, except my bouquet, which was disappointing (thought it was my tossing bouquet when I first saw it!)

  2. postcards and pretties

    great tips Lauren. I used to work in a florist when I was in school and many brides couldn’t understand that there are certain flowers that are not available in certain months. Hopefully this post will help brides better understand that.

  3. Jessica

    It must be flower day!! I just posted about them too! Glad we’re all bringing such beautiful things into our lives and thanks for a lovely post!

  4. Catie Ronquillo

    Great advice. There is so much more to flowers – and great floral designers can take an idea and run with it, and create something so amazing that I never would have ever imagined.

  5. MOSS Floral

    Great top 5! We love nothing more then having the opportunity to get creative and RUN with a brides vision! Thank you for posting this!
    “Your Vision + Our Creativity = Your Life in Bloom”
    MOSS Floral {Atlanta, GA}

  6. amanda wood events

    wedding florists are true design artists. so much prep and care involved

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