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Something that brides often look over when planning their wedding is videography, or what I also like to call cinematography. I’ve heard it many times- “I have a photographer, I don’t need a video.” Well, if you’ve ever seen great video, you wouldn’t be saying that. Video captures so so so much more than photography can, in a totally different aspect. Having a video is an even better way to remember your wedding day and all of the “behind the scenes” throughout the day.


This montage put together by Absolute Media Productions shows just how amazing moments captured on video can be!



I also had the opportunity to pick the brain of Damon Dietz of Absolute Media Productions. He had some great insight and advice! Here is what he had to say:

1. What is the inspiration behind Absolute Media Productions?

AMP was inspired by the love we have for our family and friends. We find it extraordinary to watch our loved ones captured on film laughing, smiling, and just being themselves. We were inspired to help others to relive their own heartwarming moments in their life. We have since created AMP, a company that truly understands the importance of intimate family moments, respects their clients, and presents these in a fashion that honors their worth.


2. What are your top 5 tips to selecting a videographer?

Do not assume that all videography is created equal. Like flowers, reception halls, and wedding gowns there are several options and price points of videography. Being armed with information will help you make the best decision for you and your fiancee. Here are some tips when searching for the perfect videographer:

1) Videography Goes Beyond Wedding Films: Decide early whether you only want a wedding film or whether you also would like to have your reception enhanced with a photomontage, same-day edit or love story. Preparation for these enhancements require planning before the wedding day, so inquire early if you are interested.

2) Think about Your Wedding Film Style: It will make it easier in your search for the perfect videographer if you decide early whether you are interested in a short-form wedding film or a full-length documentary. Each of these film styles have different staff requirements, editing time, and price points. If you know which style you are interested in, you can exclude a great proportion of potential companies and focus on the ones that produce your desired film style.

3) View Up-to-Date Samples on Company Websites or Blogs: Samples should include those that were filmed within the last year. View these for an idea of a company’s filming and editing techniques. You’ll want to contact the companies whose samples inspire you and emotionally connect with you. Paying less money for something you don’t like is not a bargain.

4) Schedule a Telephone or Office Consultation: One you find a company that produces the types of films that you desire, and you are moved by their samples schedule a telephone or office consultation. Many companies are fully willing to speak via telephone to accommodate a bride and groom’s busy schedule. See if you connect with the company. You are entrusting an important job to these people. You want to feel comfortable speaking to them about your desires and concerns.

5) Inquire about Turn-around Time for Your Wedding Film: It should be stated in the service agreement and make sure you are comfortable with the answer. Depending on options selected an adequate time frame should not exceed six months.


3. What are 3 trends in wedding videography we should watch for in 2010?

1) Same day edits: These are shorts of the wedding day filmed and editing up to the reception. They are then displayed during the reception. This is wonderful for that wow factor, if you are having a small intimate ceremony followed by a large reception, or if there is a large gap between the ceremony and reception.

2) HD DSLR videography: New DSLR technology offers videographers the ability to produce true “motion photography.” True motion picture image quality, tremendous low light capabilities, and an amazingly compact size helps to put the new HD DSLR technology in the forefront for 2010.

3) Hi definition delivery via Blu Ray discs: While High definition has been around for quite a few years now, this year we will see the majority of videographers offering HD Blu Ray discs as part of wedding package options, and why not, because Blu Ray quality is 5x sharper than that of DVD.


4. Why should couples hire a videographer for the wedding day?
Each day lived comes and goes and is gone forever. Within our life there are days that we never want to forget. Days that make our heart sing, bring family together in joy, and celebrate an extraordinary event. This is why we are meticulous in our planning process, desire the best within our means, and experience excitement when the day nears. In this whirlwind, the memories of the day are often forgotten. There are bounteous memories for you and your family to capture through film. Memories such as the tears as you give your daughter away, or the heartwarming vows spoken between a you and your groom, or the crack of the glass during the, to hear the light tremble in your parent’s voice when delivering a speech, to capture the wholehearted laughter as you smash cake in each other’s face, or even to encapsulate your famous dance move to the base of your favorite song. Relive these moments long after the day has passed through videography.


You all know that I’m all about advice and educating brides. I hope this was able to answer any questions that you may have about videography! It truly is a great investment to remember your wedding by! Thank you to Absolute Media Productions for sharing all of this awesome information!


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