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Before I throw a million pictures of the two of us at you, I thought I would share the story of my husband and I.

The Story Behind Lauren & Schuyler via The Story Behind Lauren & Schuyler via

The picture on the left is our very first actual date. Dinner before the Homecoming Dance 2001.
The picture on the right is the same sidewalk…note the umbrellas.

Yes, so we’re high school sweethearts, and although we’re young, we’ve been through a lot. We started dating in 2001, and were on-again-off-again a couple times throughout the years. We did date other people, but we kept ending up together, and realized that we were just meant to be together.

And so came the proposal that everyone knew was bound to happen. It was 2 days before Christmas. He got a big patio furniture box, and taped it back together to look like nothing ever happened to it. He taped the ring box to the inside of the box and sat the giant box in the middle of our living room. Well, I was pretty excited because I really wanted nice patio furniture (and still do). But I wasn’t allowed to touch the box until he got home from work. I touched it, despite his warnings, and realized that it was pretty much empty, so I spent hours guessing what it could be.
Finally when he got home, and after a few hours of last minute gift shopping, I was allowed to open this box. Then I found the small box, along with the question of “Will you marry me” coming out of his mouth.

And the rest is history…

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The Story Behind Lauren & Schuyler via


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  1. Sharon

    I dont know how I came across your blog, but starting at the beginning. (I think it was tied into something through the Disboards). I have to ask, because of the photo of you and your husband walking down the street (wedding photo)… are you in Ocala??? That looks like the square here.

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