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Happy Tuesday everyone! I’ve been seeing lots of engagement sessions lately- if you’re following ELD on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen the stunning images from e-sessions that I’ve been sharing recently! But when I see awesome e-sessions, I always think back to when my husband and I were getting ready for ours. I of course searched for tips on what you were supposed to wear or perhaps even cool ideas, but to my dismay, I came up empty handed. Now you have inspiration for engagement sessions left and right, but there are still lots of questions when it comes to what to wear, what to bring, etc. Should you both match? Can you wear patterns? Are colors better, or neutrals? What about props? Honestly, these are questions that I don’t know the answers to, which is why I asked Chicago-based ELV photographer Kristin LaVoie to shed some light on the subject for us today! 

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Do you normally walk around town matching each other? I didn’t think so. So your engagement session should be no exception. Skip the matchy-matchy look and focus on standing out as a couple and creating a look that speaks about the two of you. You love sports? So wear a couple of jerseys! Are you more casual? Then wear jeans and a nice shirt! Be who you are, but at the same time, be the best you can be! (So cheesy, I know, but it’s true!) This is not a Sesame Street commercial, so you don’t need to be perfectly matching, but don’t be afraid to coordinate a look between the two of you.


The Look


1. Actually, I should say looks. Yes, I love to always capture at least two looks. Every couple has different sides to them. Let’s show them! They can be completely different, most commonly a formal and casual look. Choose a look and stick to it. A lot of times people have so many great ideas, and can really be all over the place. If you want a vintage look, commit to the look and go all out. If you see an outfit in a catalog you love, chances are the accessories they show with the outfit might be a good idea to snag as well. Which brings me to my next point…

2. Accessorize yourselves! This means jewelry, hats, scarves, jackets, purses, etc. The great thing about accessories, is that they immediately create new poses or a new look entirely. And they’re EASY. And I’m a fan of EASY. So your man has a tie and jacket on? Ok, lets loosen the tie around his neck. BAM. Pull him towards you with the tie. BAM. Swing the jacket over his shoulder. BAM. Get my point?

3. Look your best. I don’t want you to spend hours getting ready, so by the time you step out the door your beau can’t even recognize you. You should definitely be recognizable and look like yourself, while at the same time, looking fabulous. Some people recommend using your trials for wedding hair and makeup for your engagement session. This is a good idea, to an extent. You definitely do not want the same hair and make up in your engagement session as your wedding day, right? So at the end of your style, ask your hair stylist to take down your curls for a down-do, or vice versa. Add a little more drama to the eyes and lips. Of course we want you to look natural, but remember, those darn eye shadows and lip glosses sometimes don’t translate too well into photos unless they are a little bit darker than usual. Talk with your make up artist, inform her what you are doing, and she can help you out. Make your man spend a few extra minutes on his hair, or better yet, drag him with you to the salon! Inspect his nails. Do what you need to do to make sure he is on board with the “looking fabulous” plan.

4. Make sure you’re comfortable! Okay, maybe with the exception of shoes (ladies, make sure to bring a comfy pair of flats for the walking if you aren’t a professional stiletto walker). While your outfits should be stylish, you still need to be able to sit and move your appendages with minimal effort. Don’t wear a too tight or short skirt if you cannot sit in it. Skip the tight jacket if you can’t lift your arms to scratch your head.

5. Flaunt what you’ve got (and hide what you’re insecure about)! I think everyone has great assets, but even the best looking chick has an insecurity or two. So make sure to bring attention to your best assets, and conceal your insecurities. My personal favorite is a nice ruched top to conceal any flabby tummy flaws. In the same regards, make sure what you’re flaunting is photo appropriate. We can certainly make some steamy photos that Grandma doesn’t need to see, but make sure it still translates well into photos. For instance, keep in mind, unless you have well defined upper arms, sleeveless tops don’t always look the best in every single pose. While we will work together to make you look your best, remember not to limit yourself to certain poses like if you only like your arms when your hand is on your hip. (I say this because I am a culprit!)

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The Props


1. My beloved props suggestion. Engagement sessions are the only time you have to incorporate as much as possible about the two of you, and really tell that love story. Include your doggy, your HS letterman jackets, your bicycles, concert ticket stubs, anything that speaks about who you are as a couple. Think about how you met, how you got engaged, what you like to do together, and all that fun stuff that tells your own story. This way, you have a completely unique session unlike any others’. And you also can get some fabulous Save the Dates out of it. I am a believer of creating a new and original Save the Date for every SINGLE couple. So get creative! You saw balloons or a sign in another session and love the idea? How can we incorporate something similar in a way to make it unique for YOU?

2. Helpers. Sometimes these unique props or additions require added assistance. Since your Pug might not be the most cooperative, it’s a good idea to bring along a helper to take care of him before or after his close ups. Want your kiddies involved to hold a save the date sign? Bring along someone to watch them, to assure we get some alone time for the two of you. The fewer distractions, the better.

Those tips about the props… kind of genius! I never really thought of those! Thank you so much for sharing this info with us Kristin

Brides, so what are you planning on for your engagement sessions? One outfit or two? Do you have them figured out already? (Don’t worry if you don’t- if I recall correctly, I was running to the store hours before my session!) What about props? Will you be using them? 

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Pro Insight: Outfits & Props For Your Engagement Session via


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    Yay!! Thanks Lauren, always a pleasure!!

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    Love these tips. Will definitely be sharing this article with our brides so they know what to wear for their e-sessions! Thanks!!!

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