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Happy Tuesday everyone! We’re starting today off with a little bit of insight- and photographic proof- from Becka Robinson of Studio222 Photography on why it’s so great to have an unplugged ceremony!

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One of our fall brides decided to have an “unplugged ceremony” where she politely asked guests (via the ceremony program) to put away their cameras, video cameras, and camera phones and to just be present in the ceremony. It was beyond beautiful to see all of her guests completely respect her wishes and pay attention throughout the entire thing.

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You could feel the love and support like a thick cloud as all the guests eyes were fixed on the couple at the altar with faces smiling as they exchanged their vows, ring, and then first kiss. It also helped us to get images that are not cluttered with phones in the air or people’s faces blocked by their own cameras.

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As photographers, we were also happy to not have any guests step in front of us during integral moments of the ceremony to try to get their own shots, allowing us much more freedom to capture the ceremony beautifully for the bride and groom. You can see the in-the-moment joy in the guests faces as they take part in the ceremony with the couple. 

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Wow, how awesome are all of those shots? Guests sitting down, paying attention like they should. I think it’s pretty amazing- especially since I see a lot of wedding ceremonies, and more times than not there’s someone fiddling with a camera or a phone. A big thank you to Becka of Studio222 Photography for sharing her experience with us, and giving us some photographic proof of what an unplugged ceremony looks like!

Now brides, it’s time to weigh in… are any of you thinking about having an unplugged ceremony? 

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Pro Insight: Have An Unplugged Ceremony! via


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  1. Sammantha Boyle Imprint Cinema

    We asked our guests to do this as well! For me it was so important to have photos of my family and friends being a part of the ceremony with us-not just looking on from behind a camera and our photos of the ceremony are some of my absolute favorites :D

  2. Brent & Anna

    Yay! Several of our brides are asking about unplugged weddings this coming year. I think couples are starting to realize that it’s an issue and that while their guests are ‘there’, they’re not really present and enjoying the moment. Love this ..

  3. Kelly

    Interesting idea. Fantastic for the photographer. It sucks to have to be stern (and polite) with guests to get priority.

  4. kim wike

    I am going to do this! You don’t have to worry about people posting pictures of your wedding immediately to Facebook!! Some one could easily take a photo and post it that you don’t think is the most flattering. You want the first images of your wedding to be ones that you know are going to be beautiful from your photographer. Any suggestions on how to ask your guests that even if they do take photos that they don’t post them to Facebook right away?

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