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Happy Tuesday everyone! So as you may have noticed, I’ve been adding a thing or two to ELD lately. The latest and greatest is posts from Every Last Vendor pros for a new series called “Pro Insight“!  For the launch of Pro Insight, ELV Beauty pro Michele of Michele Renee Hair & Makeup is sharing some of her expert insight especially for brides with short hair! (This one’s for you Stacey!)

November 1st: Sarah cuts her hair to a super cute pixie cut a la Michelle Williams from Dawson’s Creek. December 25th: Sarah’s boyfriend of 3 years gets down on one knee in from of her family’s Christmas tree and asks Sarah to be his wife. Her first reaction is of course sheer JOY! And then her second reaction is “#$%^ I just cut all my hair off!”

But short haired brides, you don’t have to freak out! Whether you have always had short hair, just donated it to Locks of Love or just wanted something new, there are a million options for short haired brides, and not just extensions!

Keep It Real

If you have short hair you more than likely have beautiful eyes, or gorgeous lips or great bone structure or maybe you have all THREE! With a great face and features who needs hair? So, just throw a little wax in your hair maybe accessories with a nice flower and call it a day. We recommend AVEDA Light Elements Shaping Wax. This product gives you a little texture without being too stiff or waxy.

{Pro Insight: Beauty} Brides With Short Hair, This Ones For You! via

Rock The Retro!

Remember the 1920’s actress Clara Bow? Steal her sex kitten “S” waves and give your hair a retro flair. Wash your hair and put a setting lotion while it is still damp. We use LottaBody Setting Lotion. Part your hair as usual. While it is still damp take a barbers comb and form a “C” in the first row. Hold it with your index finger to hold the “C” formation and then take your comb and form a backwards “C”. The two “C”s should form one “S” hence the “S” wave. Continue this until you are completely done with the whole entire head. You can put clips or pins to hold the “C” in place if your hair is not cooperating.   Let hair air dry add some red lips and in about an hour you will truly be rocking it Retro!

{Pro Insight: Beauty} Brides With Short Hair, This Ones For You! via

Fake It Til You Make It

Ok so you don’t want to be “fake” but hey it’s your wedding day! Hair extensions if done right can just be an added “umph” to your overall look. Just think of them as a push up bra for your hair.  If you have hair at least to your ears, you can have long luxurious hair. We like Sally’s Beauty Supply because they have a good selection of colors at a fair price. For real hair expect to pay $80.00 – $100.00. Buy the hair extensions as long as you want your overall style.  Have your hairdresser put layers in the extensions so you won’t get the “Shelf” look and the bottom of your hair look stringy.  Also, you can use hair extensions just give your bun more volume. Part your hair. Tease the top and put your hair in a low pony tail. Wrap the extensions around the pony tail and wrap sections around and pin in a cool design.

Can you tell whether or not the below brides have real or fake hair? Like I said- fake till you make it!

{Pro Insight: Beauty} Brides With Short Hair, This Ones For You! via

Photo by Reign 7 Studios

{Pro Insight: Beauty} Brides With Short Hair, This Ones For You! via

Photo by Limelight Photography

These are just a few ideas for short haired brides. There are tons of other variations for each of the three styles I mentioned. But wherever your bridal hair journey takes you, remember, it’s the most important to be happy from the inside out. Hair is just an accessory but it is your soul and your smile that really makes you who you are, and that is what will stand out the most on your wedding day! I just accentuate it!

Excellent insight and ideas for short haired brides! I for one am kind of clueless about beauty-related things, so I am incredibly thankful to have Michele here to help you all- because I want you all to be gorgeous on your wedding days! :) A big, big thank you goes out to the amazing Michele Renee for being a great first Pro Insight contributor!


{The Michele Renee Hair & Makeup Artist Group, based in Tampa, Florida, is an approved Upgraded vendor of Every Last Vendor and thus has been given the opportunity to be a contributor for the Pro Insight series.}

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{Pro Insight: Beauty} Brides With Short Hair, This Ones For You! via


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  1. Ianah Soriano

    Wonderful Ideas to those who have short hair. Having short hair is never really a problem at all. You can shop all the materials that you want to have to make you appear brilliant on your wedding. :D

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