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Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I have a little insight for you… Pro Insight to be more specific! Brynn of D’Avello Photography is joining us again to provide a little perspective on why you shouldn’t skip on an engagement session! I know it’s crossed your mind… “Do we really have to do the engagement session? What if we don’t want it?” Well Brynn provides some VERY good points about why an engagement session is necessary to have done before your wedding! They’re all yours Brynn! ;) 


When Mike and I were planning our wedding the number one most important thing for us was hiring the perfect photographer. But we were on a tight budget. A really tight budget. We searched for money-saving tips and inexpensive alternatives. The number one tip we saw was to limit your guest list. But another one we saw all too often was “Skip the engagement pictures.” But the money saving trade-off is not worth all of the great benefits you get for having them taken. So here are the top 5 reasons why we think this is not good idea…

1. Your Wedding Photos will look more natural

Unless you are a celebrity you are not going to be yourself with a camera in your face, at least not at first. You want your wedding photos to capture your beautiful smile, and the special moments between the two of you… not the weird smile your man puts on when he knows someone has a camera pointed at him. Taking engagement pictures allows you to get used to the camera. It usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour for a couple to loosen up enough to have fun with us and start taking natural looking pictures. Also, if you are saving money by opting for fewer hours of coverage on your wedding day (a much better place to save money in my opinion.. do you really want 2 hours of open dance caught on camera?) you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth by being comfortable from the first minute the photographer’s arrive. Instead of dreading the camera you are going to be confident and…. you might even be looking forward to having your picture taken *gasp!*

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2. You get a picture preview

This was a big one when we started looking for our photographer. We know lots of talented photographers, but we needed to see how we looked through their lens, and which trends they were following. We wanted crisp, minimally retouched photos. The first round of engagement pictures we had taken were run through multiple filters and purposely blurred, which is totally cool if that is your thing. They were great images no doubt about it… they just weren’t our style. We would have been disappointed if we had gotten our wedding prints edited in the same way. You don’t want to be surprised when you get your prints back, and your photographer’s vision was not what you had in mind.

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3. You get to “Test Drive” your photographer

The only person you are going to spend more time with on your wedding day other than your soon-to-be-spouse is your photographer. From the moment you start getting dressed to the big send-off at the end the photographer is going to be right there… all day. Make sure you like them! Photographers want their subjects to be comfortable.. to be themselves. The best way to do that is when you have an existing relationship with that person. Just imagine getting stuck with the most annoying person you’ve ever met and you have to smile at them for the next 8 hours? Not your idea of fun? With the engagement session you get a chance to test-drive the photographer.

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4. Your photographer gets to know you

In this short session your photographer will learn important details about you and your fiancé. How you interact with each other, what your individual personalities are, and any little quirks you have. These are the things that are going to make your wedding photos yours. The photographer will know what to watch for during the day to capture the two of you the way you want to remember it.

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5. You get to take a break!

Whether you take pictures as soon as you get engaged, halfway through the process, or a few months before the big day, you get to take a break from budgeting, picking flowers, tracking down vendors, stuffing envelopes and you get to just spend time with your love. It’s like date night on steroids. You get to be all mushy and lovey-dovey and get great keepsakes of those moments. Pick a location that is special to the two of you. Go back to the spot of your first kiss, or first date, or where he proposed. Bring props that signify the time you spend together. Just have FUN!!

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All of these are excellent points! Thank you so much for sharing all of this insight about e-sessions with us Brynn (and some of the beautiful photos too)!

So brides, now it’s time to fess up- who didn’t want to do an engagement session? Or if you didn’t even do one, do you regret it? Tell me, and share any advice you have from your own experiences! :)


{D’Avello Photography, a photographer based in California, is an approved vendor of Every Last Vendor. All Upgraded ELV vendors are contributors for the exclusive ELV Pro Insight series.}

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  1. ryan

    brynn, very good advice! i couldn’t agree more. we love it when our couple choses to do an engagement session. sometimes we do it complimentary for the reasons you stated above.

  2. Brynn

    Thanks Ryan! We always provide a complimentary session to our local couples, The couple we photographed on sunday was from South Carolina, and when they came out to view their venue we scheduled a session. It makes the wedding day go sooo much smoother!

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