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The one thing that I tell EVERYONE when they are stressed about planning their weddings is that one of the best rewards is going on a honeymoon. And then I tell them that a honeymoon registry is THE way to ensure that they go on that honeymoon. (I personally recommend using Honeymoon Pixie. It’s fun and easy to use, and it’s free too!) I myself used one, and it was a life saver! Not only did it help my husband and I go on an amazing honeymoon, but my friends and family loved using it too! Because let’s face it- everyone likes knowing that they’re contributing to you and your new spouse having a great time on your honeymoon!

One of the common questions I get when I recommend a honeymoon registry to brides is how to use it. So here are a few tips for setting up and using your honeymoon registry:

1. Sign up for your registry. I recommend choosing from one of the prebuilt ‘One-Click’ registries, and then customizing it further!

2. Be sure to have a variety of gifts for your guests to choose from. You want to ensure that all your guests are comfortable based on their financial ability. Gift prices ranging from $10 to $200 are most common. And remember that expensive items can be broken down into smaller increments!

How To Use A Honeymoon Registry via

3. Once your registry is ready, share the link with your friends and family. Make sure your parents, close family members, and bridal party knows about your honeymoon registry- because chances are good that other guests are going to ask them what to get you or where you’re registered. Be sure to add a page about your registry to your wedding website too! Since everything is online, this is the best way to direct your guests to your honeymoon registry.

4. Collect your honeymoon gift funds and go on your honeymoon!

5. Don’t forget to send thank you notes! Honeymoon Pixie makes this easy with a “Thank You List” button that provides an organized printable list of your gifts and guest information.

Since a honeymoon registry is a pretty new concept, some people might have questions. But if you’re at least a little familiar with the internet and using a computer, it’s really SUPER simple to use! Just follow the tips above to make using a honeymoon registry easy for yourselves and your guests!


Are any of you using a honeymoon registry? Where will you be going on your honeymoon… or where do you WANT to go?

How To Use A Honeymoon Registry via

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How To Use A Honeymoon Registry via


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How To Use A Honeymoon Registry via

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