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SURPRISE! I have Episode 5 of ELD TV for you all today! (Truth: I was supposed to post it Thursday but completely forgot that it was ready!) So I figured it would be okay to start the week off with a TV episode. :) A TV episode all about getting your makeup done to be exact…

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These are all things that I had NO CLUE about when I was looking to get my makeup done for my wedding. I hope some of you can find some help in this episode! :)

A BIG HUGE thank you to Lindsay of Lindsay Does Makeup in Tampa, Florida! She did the makeup for the ribbon shoot, and I basically cornered her and made her give us tips about getting makeup done. :) She’s awesome! And of course thank you to Indie Atlantic Films for all of their amazing work on ELD TV, and The Postcard Inn for letting us shoot at their awesome venue!


{Check out more ELD TV episodes on theĀ YouTube channel, via iTunes, or on Mingle Media TV!}

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ELD TV: Makeup Insight via


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ELD TV: Makeup Insight via

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  1. Chelle

    great tips on how to show up for a makeup consultation {wearing neutral colors and four days out from waxing}. This was very helpful! Thx!

  2. meme

    she didn’t comment on airbrush makeup…i was wondering if she would recommend that

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