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A few weeks ago, I was in Vegas, and I went to this AWESOME restaurant at the Cosmopolitan (also AWESOME), Comme Ca. Well, I say it was awesome because the whole DESIGN of the restaurant was absolutely amazing. I was seriously in awe of the unique elements and boldness.  (I’m told the food is also amazing, but I was so sick that I couldn’t taste. That $12 gourmet grilled cheese I ordered looked like it must have tasted great!)

When I sat down at the table, the first thing I noticed were the placemats…

Detail To Love: Placemats! via (Please ignore this horrible iPhone photo- use your imagination and pretend it’s a fabulous photo)


Imagine my excitement when I started to look at the placemat more closely- hand illustrated, super cute, and they had 4 different designs too! And in case you were wondering, I asked for some to take home as a souvenir.


So why is this the Detail To Love this week? Because it’s an AWESOME detail! What a fun way to infuse your personality into your wedding! I’m sure your stationery designer would LOVE to collaborate with you to make placemats that correspond with your whole wedding’s theme/style/design. You could put games on it, your menu, funny quotes- seriously the possibilities are endless. So now I need one of you to do this for your wedding and send me a photo. Because I LOVE this idea! Pretty please…. :)

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Detail To Love: Placemats! via


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Detail To Love: Placemats! via

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  1. Ashley Daniell Photography

    What a GREAT idea!!! This sounds like something perfect for Ashley @ABDesigns!!!! I love this idea … and I’d love to photograph it at a wedding. Now, I just need a bride to do this for me…… ;-)

  2. Juliet Douglas

    I love CommeCa and I love Cosmopolitan. The next time you’re here, we should grab dinner there!

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