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Looking back on my wedding planning experience, there’s one thing that stands out in my mind more than anything. It’s the fact that I was so concerned with “how much”, that I didn’t even care- or think- about quality. Big mistake y’all, big mistake. This resulted in hiring “cheap” wedding vendors, and in the end, we really didn’t even cut any corners. We just ended up with issues on the day of, and regrets after the fact. So I wanted to share a little of my own experience, and why you don’t want “cheap” wedding vendors.

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So let’s start off with the fact that yes- I had a cheap wedding photographer (and wedding planner too). But guess what? She was still kind of expensive. In fact, knowing the quality that I could have had for what I paid for her service and products kills me. What happened? She had a package that had more “bang for your buck”- or in other words, offered more *stuff* with her package. Since I didn’t know any better, her lower price and “better package” beat out the photographers who had higher packages. Mind you, those other photographers were also offering a better quality of work and a better experience, and their packages didn’t include a gazillion prints and an album. I was comparing vendors based on price, but in reality it was impossible to compare them accurately. Looking back now, it makes sense as to why they were more expensive. But I wasn’t paying attention to the quality- I was paying attention to the price, and what I was going to get for that price.

Now I’m not saying to NOT pay attention to price and what you get for your money. But I am saying to pay some attention to quality too. Why? Because the quality of a wedding professional ends up having a significant effect on the outcome of your wedding.

So what exactly is this “quality” that I speak of? The quality of a wedding vendor includes their experience, their knowledge, their customer service, the actual product and/or service they provide, and even how they perform on the wedding day. That’s a lot right? Well guess what? They’re all things that you’re going to notice throughout your time working with your vendors and on your wedding day- so you should care! [If you want more tips on choosing your vendors, go here!]

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With all of this said, I think we can all agree that it’s human nature to look for the best deal out there. Unfortunately, that is the approach taken when it comes to hiring wedding vendors too. And I know- weddings are expensive. But trust me… you want to think back on your wedding experience and be happy about it, without any regrets.

So I encourage you to do your research. Know what to expect to pay for a particular vendor or service. If you have an idea of what to expect, and you also pay attention to the quality of what you’re getting, chances are good that you probably won’t end up with the cheap wedding vendors. And more importantly, you’ll have a much better chance of having a wonderful wedding- or at least better than mine! :)

What kind of things are you keeping in mind as you’re considering vendors? Have any of you avoided hiring a “cheap” wedding vendor? 


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You Dont Want Cheap Wedding Vendors via


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  1. Stephanie Elizabeth {Fab You Bliss} (just curious)

    Great tips! I too was a bride concerned with price, but I did go above and beyond with our photographer because I knew those images were what we’d be looking at for years to come. Quality should definitely be a consideration as well.

  2. Kristin Hines (a Vendor)

    Great post! Choosing your vendors should be about more than just the price!

  3. Lauren @ten23designs (a Vendor)

    Great post. I really appreciate clients and customers who understand this.

  4. AMIRA @TOUCHE D'OR (a Vendor)

    You pay for what you get! Don’t go for the cheapest option over quality or you will regret this in future.

    We are actually one of the leading wedding planners in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Check us our for styles, creations & inspirations.

  5. Delack Media Group (a Bride)

    Great blog post! Thanks for writing about this topic!

  6. Thomas (a Vendor)

    You get what you pay for is the saying ,,,BUT We are a family run company with no high wage bills so when we buy our stock at a great price we forward that onto our brides to be,Our prices are competitive . Just because its a “wedding” it doe`s not have to have an over priced price tag.

    Yes there are other companies out there doing the same thing and charging sky high prices because ” they have been doing it longer ” That may be the case but do they have the passion and drive. We always ask our bride for their budget before showing them all our stock . Once we establish this we can then suggest other options . If our Bride realy would like a certain piece and we don`t already have it booked out , then we gift the bride this for her special day.

    Why should any women not be able to have the special day that she has been dreaming of her whole life..

    Our company motto is … ” Realising Dreams , Creating Memories ”

    Events by TLC.

  7. Save the dates (a Vendor)

    I love customers that understand that what I am asking for them in return I will give them my everything ( knowledge, ideas, 110% of my work and attention).

    Cheap doesn’t mean great quality.

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