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Editor’s note: Happy Tuesday everyone! I have a Pro Insight post for you all today that is absolutely FULL of excellent information from ELV floral designer Rachel of Life In Bloom. She’s here giving us tips on what you should know before meeting with your floral designer- something that I had no clue about when I was planning my wedding! 

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By Rachel Wyffels of Life In Bloom

You’re engaged! Once you set a date and reserve your venue, it’s time for the fun part- meeting and selecting your vendors!  I recommend you start looking for a floral designer six months to a year before your wedding.  Every wedding is different though, so set up your initial consultation at any time or when you feel ready.

I have compiled a list of 5 things to think about before meeting with your floral designer.  This will help you, your fiancé, and the florist make the most of your time together.  It’s okay to be unsure about specifics, but at least think about these topics beforehand and get a general idea.

1) The Budget  

Know your floral budget.  Your florist will need to get a rough idea of how much you expect to spend on flowers.  There are so many options with flowers, styles, vases, etc.  In order to put together a proposal based on your needs, you will need to give your florist a rough budget.  It can be frustrating to have a great consultation full of beautiful ideas only to receive a proposal later that is completely out of your budget.  I always recommend starting with some type of number, even if it is just an estimate and can be changed later.  It you have absolutely no idea where to begin, 10% of your overall budget is the average amount that most people spend on flowers.  This varies from couple to couple, but if you have no idea where to begin, this can be a good starting point.

2) Ceremony & Reception Venue  

You should have your ceremony and reception venue determined by now.  Do either of these locations have special requirements or restrictions?  Make sure you pass along any important information to your florist.  Maybe your venue doesn’t allow candles?  Or maybe you are getting married in a church and they don’t allow any flowers except for the bouquets.  Make sure you pass this information along to your florist, so they can help guide you in making appropriate décor decisions.

3) Color Palette & Bridesmaid Dresses  

You should definitely have your bridesmaid dress color(s) selected before meeting with your florist.  We are more than willing to help suggest other colors and create a color scheme for your wedding, but we don’t want to pick it out for you.  So at least come with one main color you want to incorporate into your event and if you have your bridesmaid’s dresses ordered, bring a swatch!

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4) Guests & Bridal Party  

You should have a rough estimate of your final guest count at this time.  Obviously this is not set in stone, but having a good idea of how many people you are going to invite can really help in getting a more accurate cost of the decor.  This number directly correlates with how many centerpieces you will need for your reception.  At this point in time you should have asked your nearest and dearest to be in your wedding party.  Besides your bridesmaids and groomsmen, are there any other special people you would like to include or honor in your ceremony?  Think corsages or nosegays for Mothers & Grandmothers, boutonnieres for Fathers, Grandfathers, & Ushers.  Will you have any flower girls or ring bearers?  How about readers or any other assistants?  Come with a list of these special people so we can include them in your big day.

5) Flowers & Inspiration  

What kinds of flowers do you absolutely love and want to have included?  Are there any that you despise?  Bring as many pictures as you want of flower arrangements, décor, and bouquets you like and dislike.  We will shuffle through these in our meeting and this will help determine your style.  Keep in mind that many flowers are seasonal, and may not be available for your wedding date.  However, we can help suggest similar replacements to give you the same look.

I hope these tips will help you get the most out of your meeting with your wedding florist.  Happy planning!


About The Author: Rachel is the owner and floral designer of Life In Bloom, a boutique floral company that strives to bring creativity and unique ideas to floral design and seasonal annuals throughout the Chicago area. Life In Bloom is a member of Every Last Vendor and has contributed this post as a part of the exclusive series written by ELV members, Pro Insight. 

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Pro Insight: 5 Things To Know Before Meeting With Your Floral Designer via


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  1. Rachel

    Thanks for sharing our tips Lauren! xoxo

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    Great tips Lauren! I would also suggest brides know what size and shape their guest tables are. You will have a different design for a long rectangle table versus a round table. It’s also helpful to know how big or small circular guest tables are. They can range from 48inches to 72inches. For a smaller table you may want a more compact arrangement and for a larger table you may want to add votive candles around the arrangement to fill out the table.

  3. Alex Jack (just curious)

    Thanks for sharing this informative blog post about 5 things to know before meeting with your floral designer.

  4. Kennon Thomas (a Vendor)

    I appreciate your blog which is about 5 things to know before meeting with your floral designer. You said right that many flowers are seasonal, and may not be available for your wedding date. I would like to recommend you that always check their old work portfolio or live examples of his work.

  5. Doris Jackson (a Vendor)

    Very beautiful blog post about 5 things to know before meeting with the floral designer. Flowers make every occasion beautiful, whether it is the birthday party, anniversary, marriage or festival. Make sure flower arrangement for the wedding is in the budget. Thanks for sharing!

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