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Hey friends! So in case you didn’t already know… I LOVE inspiration shoots. I love featuring them, I love creating them, I just LOVE them! Well, I’ve been hearing people “diss” inspiration shoots lately, and so today I feel like it’s my duty as the editor of this wedding planning and INSPIRATION blog to tell you about the reasoning behind my love for inspiration shoots! :)

I don’t love inspiration shoots because they’re “fake” or because they’re “styled”. I love them because of what they ARE and what they should ALWAYS be about- the inspiration. You see, many wedding professionals love to do inspiration shoots because it allows them to think outside of the box. They don’t have any constraints of a bride’s favorite flower, color palette, or budget. They can try out new designs or techniques, work with new vendors or suppliers, and sometimes they even use inspiration shoots as “practice” for a new concept for a real wedding they’re doing! Inspiration shoots allow wedding professionals to be creative and unique, all while having the aim of inspiring brides. And brides, you get to benefit from all of the unique and creative inspiration that they create!

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Now those shoots that are themed after movies, books, or TV shows… those are fun and all, but they don’t always provide *inspiration*. Sometimes they’re too over the top, or too unrealistic. Don’t get me wrong- sometimes they are great and can provide some awesome inspiration (like this one!), but most of the ones that I’ve seen are a little overboard. When people say that they don’t like inspiration shoots, my guess is that those are the types of inspiration shoots that they’re referring to.

A question for you- have you noticed that I don’t ever refer to shoots as “styled” shoots? Well my friends, I greatly dislike the word “styled” when paired with a photo shoot- mostly because it takes the focus off of what these shoots are supposed to be about- inspiration. Whenever I do a shoot myself, my sole focus is around how much inspiration I can provide to brides. Whether it’s a color palette, a tablescape, or details, I do inspiration shoots to INSPIRE brides. And because I consider it my JOB to inspire brides, I feature (and sometimes create) inspiration shoots here on ELD!

Tuesday Tips: I LOVE Inspiration Shoots... & You Should Too! via TheELD.comPhoto by Laura Ann Miller Photography, Via

As a bride, I LOVED inspiration shoots. I loved them because when I was perusing blogs, I was indeed looking for inspiration. I wanted to see new color palettes, ideas for details, and different ways to do things for a wedding. I wanted to know what was outside of the box and not the norm. I wanted inspiration. But yes, I did often find myself thinking “I could never have that for my own wedding”. And I think sometimes, as a bride, you can be turned off by inspiration shoots because when you see the word “shoot” you immediately go to that thought- that what you’re seeing is unattainable and could never be done. But friends, I encourage you to NOT think that way. Take a look, soak it all in, and be inspired by what you see. If it’s an inspiration shoot here on ELD, you can know that there is going to be *something* that will inspire you. I won’t feature it if it doesn’t have that *something*.

Here are a few things to look for in inspiration shoots so you can draw inspiration from them for your own wedding:

– Color palettes… Because sometimes you really don’t know what colors will look like together until you actually see it in action!

– Details… Inspiration shoots have some of the BEST, innovative ideas for details!

– Table Layout & Placesettings… Maybe you never thought of doing a long feasting table, or perhaps you could alternate the types of things that are at your placesettings?

– Cakes & Sweets… Hate cake? You can draw on inspiration for a sweets table, or even get inspiration for other dessert alternatives, like a root beer float bar!

– Hair & Makeup… Hair stylists and makeup artists love to try out new things for inspiration shoots!  

– Centerpieces…  As I mentioned before, shoots allow pros to really spread their wings with their designs- which of course includes awesome ideas for centerpieces!

– Bouquets & Bouts… Unique bouquet designs, elements used in bouquets, and fun boutonierre options- you’re sure to find one of these in an inspiration shoot!

– Dresses & Accessories… It’s always fun to see the newest dress designs and ways to accessorize them. Who knows, maybe you’ll find that statement necklace you’ve been searching for!

Tuesday Tips: I LOVE Inspiration Shoots... & You Should Too! via

Photo by Justin DeMutiis Photography, Via

So as you can see, there are LOTS of things to be inspired by with inspiration shoots! And friends, these are the reasons why you should love inspiration shoots. Don’t hate on them because you think they’re fake or pretentious or over-the-top. Love them because they can provide you with new ideas that you don’t always see. Love them because they give your wedding pros a way to really spread their wings and be creative. Love them because they are there to INSPIRE you!

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on inspiration shoots! Have you seen something done in a shoot that has inspired you for your own wedding? 

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Tuesday Tips: I LOVE Inspiration Shoots... & You Should Too! via


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  1. Weddings by May

    I love inspiration shoots (and I call them that). However, I am disappointed when they are featured without disclosing that the “couple” being used are models and that more shoots should include models of color and of realistic age.

    • Lauren Grove

      You are so right May! Whenever I do shoots, I prefer to actually use real couples if I HAVE to have models. And realistic age is a great point too… I’ve seen some teenagers do wedding shoots before- kinda weird ;)

  2. Anna (

    These inspirational shoots are gorgeous. The shot of the cake on that table between the ladders looks like something i’d put in my dream wedding.

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