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Um, I’m not sure if I’ve already said this this week, but OMG IT’S MAY!!! I don’t know about you, but I have absolutely NO clue where April went! This seems to be a bit of a pattern for me- the months FLYING by, which result in me spending the whole first half of a new month thinking it’s still the past month. Well, since it’s May, I figured it was about time for another post in the “When Is The Right Time…” series- you know, the series that I said I was going to be doing but have yet to actually start. Today’s topic: having an engagement party!

When is the right time to… have an Engagement Party?


 I asked around about this, because I myself had my engagement party a year before my wedding, but I’ve seen them occurring just a few months before the wedding too.

My “research” has indicated that if you’re going to have an engagement party, it’s best to do it about a year before your wedding. Think of it as a way to sort of “kick off” your engagement. In a perfect world, I would suggest doing it soon after getting engaged so you’re REALLY celebrating… it could even be before you set a date! It’s also a good idea to have an engagement party if you’re planning on having a long-ish engagement- hence the year prior to the wedding suggestion.

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Planning your wedding in less than a year? I say still go for the engagement party… as long as your wedding isn’t like 4 months away. If that’s the case, you have way too much work to do and you won’t necessarily have time for an extra party!

Who hosts the engagement party? Traditionally it’s the bride’s parents, but the party can also be hosted by the groom’s parents, your friends, or other family members. Engagement parties hosted by friends are always fun… I can’t wait for my best friends to start getting engaged so I can throw them parties! ;)

As for whether to even have an engagement party… well that is entirely up to you, your fiance, your friends, your family, etc. But I will leave you with this little thought… EVERYONE loves a good party. ;)


So now how about you… have you had an engagement party? When did you have yours, and who hosted it? For those of you who haven’t had one yet and still have some time before your wedding, do you want to have an engagement party?


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  1. Katie @ Lovebird Productions

    When Rusty proposed he secretly invited our families and friends. After he proposed we walked into the pub where he asked me to be his grilfriend to have our friends and family yell surprise! It was amazing. Our engagement party was literally the night of our engagement. The nice part…I did’t have to plan a thing. Rusty did it all. I have attended a few engagement parties and I agree that they are great to kick off the wedding festivities whether that be a year until the wedding or 7 months. Have fun with it!

  2. Brittany

    My parents hosted an engagement party for my fiance and I about 2 months after we got engaged. We got engaged in December 2011, and we are planning an October 2012 wedding, so we’re in the midst of a 10-month engagement. I thought our engagement party was a good way to “kick off” our wedding planning/celebration, so i say earlier is better! :) I’m sure any time would be a good time, though…it’s all about sharing this special time in your lives with family and friends!

  3. Victoria

    I got engaged in December 2011. We decided to get married in the spring and this spring was way too soon, so we ended up setting a date for next April! My parents threw us an engagement party last month. So it was about 4 months after we initially got engaged and a year before our actual wedding. It was so much fun, I would highly recommend it. It was also great because both sides of our families all got to meet and mingle, which only our parents had done before.

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