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Today is a special Thursday! It’s special because Thursday Tips is now a series that other bloggers and wedding professionals are taking part in. It’s starting out small so far, but I’m hoping it will grow to include many others in the wedding industry who want to share tips and advice with all of you brides! So at the end of this post and all future Thursday Tips posts, look for the other blogs that have posted a Thursday Tips post so you can soak up all of the info! :)

This week’s Thursday Tips continues the little series I started last week, “5 Things To Know About…”! In case you missed last week’s post, I started off generic with a few things to know about vendors in general. This week I’m diving into the world of Event Designers. I myself had no idea what an event designer was when I was planning my wedding. I had one, but I didn’t know that’s what he was. I just thought he was the florist. And now I’m an event designer. Go figure.


1. Be prepared to talk about your budget! It really helps give designers boundaries and allows them to create a vision and design within your cost, instead of something that you’ll fall in love with but can’t afford.

2. Every designer’s vision for your wedding is going to be different. If you’re shopping around, let each designer create their own design for you based on what you tell them. Don’t force them to replicate something that another designer has already created for you.

3. An event designer isn’t always a planner. Some planners do design as well, but some designers just design and don’t plan. Confusing, I know. Ask them- if they don’t do planning, they’ll most certainly have a few planners they can recommend to you. But it doesn’t mean you have to choose to use one or the other… planners and designers play well together. :)

4. Having your wedding designed by an event designer will keep your wedding cohesive and consistent, versus “pieced together” with different design elements. They think of every single element of your wedding and how it all will come together to form a “whole”. Which is why it takes HOURS of research, creative design time, and talent for an event designer to design your wedding. They’re not just copying and pasting the “Roses and Glitz Package” and sending it to you. :)

5. An event designer wants to design your wedding to be unique to YOU and your fiance- not a replication of Susie and Jim’s wedding on “Blah Blah Blog” or your cousin Betty’s wedding that took place 3 years ago. Of course be inspired by  everything and share it with your event designer, but know that designers never like to replicate things.

[A big thank you to event designers Nico Cervantes, Ashton Events and Lara Molettiere for tweeting with me about this last night!]


So now go and find yourself an event designer! Seriously, it will make your life a lot easier. :)


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  1. Jenna @ Heartcarry Press

    Great advice Lauren! #3 is so important- I don’t think I really knew the difference until recently, and I’m so glad I do now :)

  2. Soundtrack To I Do

    These are great pointers! We participated in Thursday Tips too!

  3. mel {the oceanside bride}

    Wow- like Jenna I’m not sure if I knew the difference either. Great Thursday Tips Lauren!!

  4. Katie @abfabwedding

    What a perfect compilation of tips for advice to couples out there! And so true about getting inspired but NOT replicating- two completely different approaches! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Dyan (just curious)

    Hi Katie ,
    I am thinking of becoming an event designer . I was a hairdresser for 30 years and I am now looking for a new career change . I am super creative and planning my nieces wedding right at the moment . I love it ! Can you give me some info on how best to go about it ?
    Thanks so much .
    Dyan B.

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