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All too often, couples think that there are certain things that you have to have when it comes to a wedding. Well guess what? There actually are things that you really DON’T need for your wedding! Things that are just going to be a waste of your time and money, get thrown away or ignored, and even get in the way. So help you out, we asked our V List wedding experts to share a few of the things that they’ve noticed really aren’t needed at weddings…

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1. Non-consumable wedding favors.

“Non-consumable wedding favors. Most of that stuff gets thrown in the trash eventually. Keep your guests’ tummies happy with gourmet chocolate chip cookies or something similar. Guests love to snack on their way home while they talk about the wedding.”

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2. Printed Wedding Programs.

“Many couples think formal printed wedding programs are a must, but this is definitely an item you can do without, or at least, less of. Printed programs can be replaced with large signage noting the key players in the ceremony and order, and can add a fun detail to your ceremony set-up.

If you prefer to stick with printing programs, keep them simple. Your 30 minute ceremony does not need a 10 page booklet, and choose to print enough for 50-75% of guests. Many weddings have more than half of the programs untouched and tossed out. Keep your guests fully engaged in your ceremony rather than flipping to see what’s next.

Extra Tip: How do you know if you need programs? When you have group responses or readings where guests will need to know what’s going on.”

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3. Guest Books.

“Honestly I think traditional sign your name guest books are now a thing for the trash can. Because really what are you going to do with a bunch of your guests’ signatures?

The unique guest book alternatives where people make an art piece or wall decor out of them are so much more useful and meaningful.”

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4. A Full Bar.

“A full bar – doing just beer and wine or a signature drink is perfectly acceptable! Don’t go broke buying drinks.”

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5. Photographer Checklists.

“Photographer checklists. If you’re hiring a legit professional that you trust completely, let them do their jobs and capture what they know is best. It will only be a frustrating struggle for the photographer if they’re having to keep up with your list all day!”

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6. Unity Ceremony.

“Too many times we’ve had brides stressing about their unity ceremony. Debating between unity candles, sand, seed planting, etc., etc.. The wedding ceremony itself is two becoming one, being unified in front of family and friends. So unless your ceremony is in a church that requires a display of unity, you really don’t need to have one.”

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7. Sweetheart Tables.

I know this sounds strange, but, sweetheart tables. I am encouraging my brides to have a private dinner with their husband in a separate space. This gives them a chance to eat in peace, get to talk to each other rather than guests keep coming up to talk or take pictures of/with them, and it saves money too! No need for another linen, chairs, or decor.

I normally suggest this when my couples opt out of doing a first look. It is so special to have them have this private 15-20 minutes before they go back into the reception to start going table to table. It’s such a nice break!”

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8. Guests taking pictures.

“Guests taking pictures during the ceremony and first dances. It’s sad when we develop beautiful works of art for our clients and in their albums everyone is holding a phone up jockeying for position during timeless moments. As your guests to unplug, put it down, and enjoy the moment.”

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9. Upgraded Linens.

“Upgraded linens. After you’ve added China, flatware, glassware, centerpieces and other decor items, the linen gets lost. Select a complimentary color to your scheme in a basic fabric and your guests won’t notice the difference.” 

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10. Cake Cutting Set.

“Don’t feel like you need to go out and buy a fancy engraved cake cutting set. Most likely your venue or caterer already has these items- just ask! And if they don’t, use it as a way to have a fun “something borrowed” and use a friend or family member’s set.”

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When it comes to things you really don’t need for your wedding, there are of course even more than just these 10 things. Have anything to add? Comment below with your addition!

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Lauren Grove is the editor and owner of Every Last Detail. A clueless bride-turned-wedding planner, Lauren uses her experiences and knowledge to educate and inspire brides all over the world.

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  1. Robyn Red Letter Event Planning (a Vendor)

    Personally I love upgraded linens but I see the cost issue with them as well, this list is interesting in that sharing with couples will help to determine their priorities. One thing I don’t agree with is having the couple eat dinner in a separate room, that is being very rude to your guests that may have traveled to come to the wedding, you still are the main host and hostess of the party and should be present.

  2. Sarshs (a Bride)

    I think I’d have a private moment with my new husband just before the reception where we can have something little to eat.

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