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4 Ways To Make Sure You Have A Unique Wedding via

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4 Ways To Make Sure You Have A Unique Wedding via

 As I was reflecting on our planning season this year, I started to notice how wonderfully our couples have been incorporating their personalities into their wedding day. Doing this is a great way to share more of yourselves with your friends and family, while also making your wedding unique to you. Being able to do this will also help you and your husband feel more comfortable on your wedding day, because after all, all eyes will be on you! So below, I’ve share 4 great ways to make sure that you have a unique wedding reflective of you and your future spouse!

1) Step away from Pinterest!

Wedding planning can be completely overwhelming and nowadays, Pinterest adds an extra element of pressure. Even though Pinterest can be addictive and fun, it does not have to lay the ground work for your wedding. Maybe get inspired through Pinterest but only include things you LOVE!

2) Focus on your Story

Over the years, we have seen weddings easily become what couples think they should be doing at their wedding. It is so easy to get caught up in wedding planning and have your wedding become too big and overwhelming, and not who you are. What started as a small intimate day has now become about flowers and cupcakes… instead of your love story.

 4 Ways To Make Sure You Have A Unique Wedding via

3) Scale Down Your Guest List

Many bride & grooms end up inviting loads of people to their wedding- some of which they may have only met once or twice. They are invited because of principle, likely because they are friends of their parents. The afterthought that comes months or years later is that they wish they had scaled down their guest list to accommodate only those they wished to spend their day with. Celebrating with the important people in your life is what matters, and it also means you are staying true to yourself!

4) Incorporate your personality & elements of your story

 Did your story begin in a certain region? Maybe this region has a speciality food or alcoholic beverage? Have this be part of your reception and place a little note on the table to explain the selection- it helps tell your story and involve your guests that much more.


When it comes to wedding planning, remember- there are no rules. Do your wedding your way!

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde


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4 Ways To Make Sure You Have A Unique Wedding via
Ashley is the lead wedding planner and floral designer for C&A Event Planning. She was raised in the wedding industry, is based in Central New York, and loves to travel!

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  1. Rhiannon (a Vendor)

    #1 is EVERYTHING. Edited to add: How to make your LIFE interesting; step away from Pinterest :)

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