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Do I Need Assigned Seating For My Small Wedding?

A large part of what I aim to do with Every Last Detail is answer questions that brides might have. When I was planning, I could never find answers, and I had nowhere I could turn to ask questions. I have a little section here on ELD where you can submit your questions, but I […]

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Ask Lauren: Is This Tacky For A Wedding?

Happy Thursday everyone! It’s about time for another Ask Lauren post, don’t you think? This question actually comes from one of my friends, and although I could have just answered via Facebook, I thought that it might help someone else, so I’m answering here! And don’t forget- if you have a question that you want […]

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Ask Lauren: How Do You Turn Down Vendors?

Happy Thursday everyone! I’m tackling another “Ask Lauren” question today, and this is something that just about everyone has to do at some point in their wedding planning- turning down wedding vendors! Yes, it’s not a fun thing, but in reality, it’s part of planning a wedding. So let’s get talking about how to turn down […]

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Ask Lauren: Planning An Out Of Town Wedding

Hey friends! I’m back with another “Ask Lauren” post today! This is the second time that I’ve received a question about planning an out of town wedding, and so I thought it be perfect to finally touch on here on ELD! Plus, it’s something that I did for my own wedding, as well as something that […]

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Ask Lauren: Wedding Guest Transportation

Hi again everyone! As I mentioned last week, I’m striving to get TWO posts out on Thursday now so I can answer all of the “Ask Lauren” questions! This question came to me from a college friend, and I thought it would be perfect based on a few things we discussed in the First Things […]

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Ask Lauren: How To Choose A Wedding Planner

Hi again friends! I’m trying to catch up on my “Ask Lauren” questions, so if you’ve submitted a question, your answer is coming soon! And don’t forget- if you have a specific wedding question that you would like answered, go here to submit your question! Photo by Studio222 Photography, via At Last Weddings & Events —————————————————- From […]

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Ask Lauren: To Follow Up Or Not To Follow Up…

Photo via Ashton Events Happy Thursday friends! It’s about time for another “Ask Lauren” post, don’t you think? Today’s question is great, because it’s all about inquiring with vendors… something that I myself was never too sure about when I was a bride. Let’s get going, shall we? Victoria asked: “How long do you wait […]

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Ask Lauren: Having A Wedding With Personal Details

Happy Thursday everyone! It’s about time for another “Ask Lauren” post, and today I’m talking all about infusing your personalities and relationship into your wedding decor and details. This is something that just about everyone knows they *want* to do, but sometimes you don’t always feel like you’re cut out for it! Well let’s chat […]

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Ask Lauren: On The Fence About A First Look

Happy Thursday everyone! Today is the start of new ELD series called Ask Lauren! Some of you may know that I used to be a wedding designer and planner- and before that, I was an absolutely clueless bride. As a bride I, had all of these questions, but no one to turn to ask- which […]

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