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Why do you see yourself as being Modern, Vintage, Classic, or Eclectic?

Whenever I have a chance to express to my Brides, what "exactly" a Dairing Bride is, I always say she is one that wants to plan a Wedding that is first, a reflection of the love that she shares with her partner and that creating a wedding that well styled, elegant, and has purposeful details is more important than following trends too closely.

What is your favorite wedding detail you've ever seen or created?

Picking just one detail may be more difficult than recalling all the amazing Brides I have helped individually create the perfect detail for their wedding. Some of my favorites have been in the form of escort card displays; using copper wire to attach calligraphy escort cards to vintage glass bottles filled with individual stems that complimented the centerpieces.

What is your favorite store or brand?

I really try to find inspiration from so many sources, so having one favorite is impossible! I love BHLDN because they incorporate so many sparkles with a rustic/vintage flaire {which is my weakness}. As for a brand, I would have to say that I identify most closely with Kate Spade. The bright colors, the sass, the whimsy, it's just fearless and empowering! I personally carry my "Tequila is not my friend #baconeggandcheeseplease" tote proudly!

What advice do you have for a newly engaged couple?

My advice to any newly engaged bride is to really enjoy being "engaged". Take that first week and soak in those moments after the question is popped. Planning can become very involved and stressful {which I try to alleviate for my clients} but if you take the time to just enjoy the promise that the ring symbolizes, it will make you always circle back to why you are creating a seating chart in the first place!

What is your favorite thing about weddings?

I LOVE love. It is the whole reason you and your partner have decided to take the plunge and pledge your forever to each other. So, my favorite part of weddings is ALWAYS the Ceremony, especially when the couple chooses to exchange their personal written vows. There is something so honest and raw about those emotions that don't always translate when traditional vows are spoken. Then there's that first kiss as husband and wife, which I make my couples practice multiple times at the Rehearsal.

What qualities do you possess that enable you to work well with brides and grooms?

I have an innate ability to read people and adapt my planning process to fit their specific needs. Every Bride and client is so different, so I know the same thing doesn't work for everyone. I think that is why I have such a diverse group of "Dairing Wives" as I like to call them. From NFL Cheerleaders, to Roller Derby Dolls, Lawyers, Teachers, Models, and Fitness Instructors. I make sure that their love shines in their wedding day and that is why I am able to have a diverse client base!

What steps do you take to ensure that your clients will have amazing wedding days when working with you?

It's all about touch points. Making every step of the way a memorable one!


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