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Continued from yesterday’s post, Part 1


I may not be a Photography Pro, but I went through the whole process of looking for a photographer, interviewing, comparing packages, and even experienced some photography heartbreak.


Here are some things that I learned along the way:


  • Know what photography style you like. There are several different styles that photographers have. There is the more traditional posed style, and then the photojournalism approach, with more candid shots. Know what you like ahead of time, and look through photographers’ portfolios and blogs.


  • Consider seeing each other before the ceremony. I know, it’s one of the most nontraditional things to do, but it really is a lot more beneficial. I wish I had done it. I probably wouldn’t have been crying while walking down the aisle, and we would’ve had the chance to have more photos of the two of us. It’s becoming the norm to for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony. From all of the photos that I’ve seen, it actually seems more emotional and exciting, and the photographers are able to catch the amazing moment. Just look at the photo montage from yesterday’s post!


  • Know how long the photographer will be photographing. Some photographers won’t put a time limit on their weddings, but some set a certain number of hours that they will photograph, and then they pack up and leave. If they do have a maximum amount of hours, see what it will cost to have them stay until the end of the wedding. Don’t let this happen to you! Trust me, you want exit photos!


  • If you have to have an amateur, help them out! Realistically, many brides can’t afford to even THINK about having an experienced professional photographer. Therefore, if you are having a friend, family member, or new photographer shoot your wedding, find articles on wedding photography to help them out. Try to be sure that they have an idea about how lighting works, and what a wedding consists of. If you have a wedding planner, I’m sure they’ll have some tips as well…maybe even books or magazines. Your photos are going to be the only thing you have left of your wedding- you want them to be amazing!


And now, the documentation of a little experiment by a journalist who has a nice camera. Cody Ellerd, with Seattle Bride Magazine, had his camera and skills put the test against a professional photography team, John & Joseph Photography. I think it’s safe to say that an article wasn’t even needed for this. The pictures tell the whole story.


(Photos on top are by Cody Ellerd, photos on bottom by John & Joseph)

Tips for Choosing Your Photographer: Part 2 via TheELD.comTips for Choosing Your Photographer: Part 2 via

“This was such a cute moment, totally unscripted,” Ellerd remembers. “They bumped fists and it was clear it was a little habit of theirs, one that conveyed their friendship. Joey was right there to catch it while I was fumbling with my focus ring.”


Tips for Choosing Your Photographer: Part 2 via TheELD.comTips for Choosing Your Photographer: Part 2 via

“This image is so painfully inferior,” says our rogue photographer Cody Ellerd about her image. “My angle is bland while Joey’s is creative. His is crisp and perfectly exposed, while mine is washed out and grainy. Joey knew exactly how to take advantage of the sense of motion created by this cool backdrop.”


Tips for Choosing Your Photographer: Part 2 via TheELD.comTips for Choosing Your Photographer: Part 2 via

“The couple was getting a little photo fatigued,” Ellerd says, “but Joey turned it into a beautiful and intimate shot. I thought there was enough light, but without using a flash and spoiling the cool light bouncing off the building behind them, I couldn’t get my hand quite steady enough.”


Tips for Choosing Your Photographer: Part 2 via TheELD.comTips for Choosing Your Photographer: Part 2 via

For this “exit shot,” the clarity and color of Joey’s shot versus Ellerd’s is evident. “Notice the white car in front of Chris and Vicky,” Ellerd says. “Joey magically made it disappear—I’m not even gonna try.”


The professional photographs are such a stark contrast to the writer’s photographs. It’s almost unbelievable what these professionals can do with a camera.


I hope these tips will be of some help to readers. Photographs are such a tremendous part of weddings. It just breaks my heart to hear about brides with poor photographs. Utilize these tips and find your perfect photographer!


If you need any help choosing a photographer, I am more than happy to help! I want you all to have the absolute best memories of your wedding!


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Tips for Choosing Your Photographer: Part 2 via


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