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Popping in here to make a little statement regarding weddings getting published. A common term I’ve seen used by wedding pros throughout the years is that a wedding or shoot gets “picked up” by a publication.

Weddings Don’t Get Picked Up... They Are Carefully Selected! via

Friends. I can ASSURE you- editors are NOT putting names into hats and randomly picking a few. And we are most certainly not “picking up” those names off the floor! The majority of publications have specific things that they’re looking for in their features. Therefore, these publications HAND SELECT their wedding and inspiration features.

Not only that, but there could be various reasons as to why something is being selected. Various elements come into play when choosing a feature- schedule, color palette, style, location, budget, decor, the couple. There isn’t ever any kind of guarantee when it comes to what you’re submitting being selected- even if you’re SURE it’s something that the publication is going to love. For example- if we feature a blush and gold wedding this week, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re going to accept the next blush and gold wedding that is submitted to us. For us, it all depends on what kind of features we have coming up and when those features will be occurring.

Now, if you want an even better chance of being selected for publication, establish a relationship with publications that you like being featured with. Even more so- advertise with them. I know, I know… is it “pay to play”? I say no, because I still do reject some of our V List Members from time to time- again, because I’m making my selections based on various considerations. However, for me, it’s more about loyalty. If someone is supporting my publication (and my family and my team’s families), you bet I know who they are. And in that same breath, you bet I’m going to give them priority in having access to the platform that I’ve built that reaches thousands of brides, grooms, and professionals!

And if you want to increase your chances of being published even MORE, you want to make sure you’re submitting to a publication that is going to be a match for you based on various factors. For this, I highly recommend Matchology, which matches you to publications based on location, audience, style, and more. Matchology was created by myself and several other publishers to increase the chances of professionals being selected to be featured. Because really, we’re not just “picking up” features, and we hate saying no to submissions!

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Weddings Don’t Get Picked Up... They Are Carefully Selected! via


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Lauren Grove is the editor and owner of Every Last Detail. A clueless bride-turned-wedding planner, Lauren uses her experiences and knowledge to educate and inspire brides all over the world.
Weddings Don’t Get Picked Up... They Are Carefully Selected! via

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