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I’ve been seeing quite a few comments and posts lately regarding wedding blogs, alluding to the fact that they are all the same, will only feature certain things, and only showcase a specific type of photography. As someone who is very connected to the wedding blog community and who features a variety of weddings and styles of photography, I have to say something.

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Let me start by saying that there aren’t just a small handful of wedding blogs- there are hundreds of wedding blogs out there. Each and every online publication was started because that editor felt that she (or he) had something to offer the wedding world that wasn’t already out there. That “something” could be showcasing a certain style of wedding, providing advice, or even just sharing inspiration- and it can be made evident by taking a look at recent posts on the publication. If it seems like a blog is only publishing a specific type of wedding or style, that’s likely on purpose, and because that is what they decided to establish as their niche. Just as you, as a wedding pro, have your ideal client, wedding blogs also have an ideal audience.

PLEASE stop categorizing wedding blogs as all being the same.


Please stop lumping all wedding blogs together into this negative, unhelpful category of “wedding blogs only feature X, Y, or Z”. I realize that you may only be aware of the big, popular publications, but there *are* others out there. I know that half the battle as wedding pros is just knowing about those blogs, so I recommend taking a look here for a list of many different wedding blogs that you may not have heard of before. Because saying that all wedding blogs will only feature X, Y, or Z? That basically says that a) you don’t want to do the research to find other publications to submit to or b) that you only want to submit to a publication that features X, Y, or Z.

And while we do talk to one another on a regular basis (thank you Facebook groups), we didn’t all get together and say, “Let’s only feature film photography and boho brides.” Are both of those things gorgeous? Absolutely. Do some publications only feature those styles? Absolutely. If it’s evident that a publication is only featuring that, then that’s their decided niche and focus. If that’s not your ideal couple or style, then please don’t waste your time submitting to that publication. Do your research to find publications that are featuring your ideal couple, because I promise you, they are out there! (PS- At ELD, our main requirements are that there are details, professional vendors involved in the wedding, and great photography! No style stipulations here!)

A wedding blog is in existence to help you share and promote your work. Do your research to find the ones that are a fit with your ideal couple and submit your work to them so they can then do their job in helping you share and promote your work!

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Not All Wedding Blogs Are The Same via


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Lauren Grove is the editor and owner of Every Last Detail. A clueless bride-turned-wedding planner, Lauren uses her experiences and knowledge to educate and inspire brides all over the world.
Not All Wedding Blogs Are The Same via

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