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I do a lot of thinking about marketing, audiences, and ideal clients. A LOT. Like every minute of every day. Rightfully so, of course, because it’s my job to make sure that I’m attracting the right audience for my partners.

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In doing this, I’ve come up with a few analogies that could be applied to marketing, audiences, and your ideal client..

If you want a high quality steak, do you go to McDonalds? No- because you know McDonalds doesn’t have steak- you go to the high end steakhouse that you know has high quality steak.


If you are fishing, and you want to catch, let’s say, Grouper… you need a special fishing pole for that, right? So you wouldn’t just cast a net and hope that you catch Grouper- you would do what is necessary to try and ensure you’re going to catch the fish you want.


If you’re looking for something by Kate Spade, do you go to Walmart? No- you go to the place where you know Kate Spade is carried- whether it’s the actual store, the outlet, or a website.


All of this to demonstrate the fact that you must pay attention to what you want (your ideal client), and know where to find (where they are). It’s a common fact of life, and you do it every single day! So I encourage you to take this fact, and apply it to your marketing…

How? It’s simple really:

1) Submit your weddings to publications that are targeting your ideal client. [Read this]

2) Advertise with publications that target your ideal client. [Hi!]


Questions? Shoot me an email at! I’d be happy to talk about all this with you more! :)

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Marketing + Audiences + Your Ideal Client via


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Lauren Grove is the editor and owner of Every Last Detail. A clueless bride-turned-wedding planner, Lauren uses her experiences and knowledge to educate and inspire brides all over the world.
Marketing + Audiences + Your Ideal Client via

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